I received a call yesterday from a man named Stan.  Stan was a bit perturbed by a local Santa Clarita Real Agent that has seemed to become "Mr. Door Dropper".

Once a week, Stan opens his front door, he normally enters his house through the garage, only to find lots of "trash".

Before you judge, I totally understand the value approach. I know what it is to give back and give so much I wonder if I have given too much.  I then give more. In this case, I don't see where the value is in the Door Dropping.

Sure, you are a new real estate agent and door dropping can be done why you implement other methods of "advertising and connecting".  However, why not work on where the "masses" are going to inquire about real estate?

If you think it is too late, you are incorrect.  It does take hard work and discipline.  But the connections that you can obtain are 'HUGE'.

Get a conversation started, but not by "interruption marketing".  Market by "permission" only.  Be the specific thing or service people are searching for. You might not be able to gain "Page 1" results in Google overnight. In fact, I'd bet it will take substantially longer.  I will say this, the "interruption marketing" approach to Real Estate advertising is the "old way".

The "New Way" of real estate marketing is making connections via social media, writing content and answering questions.  Incorporating video into your daily efforts that add value and answer questions that buyers and sellers of real estate have.

The Door Dropper was talking about Home Values in Bridgeport CA.

Here is one for you Bridgeport - How about this Home Value and Market Snapshot form?  By Permission is best - Enjoy this Paris911 Resource and let us know when we can help you!