It's not a trick question. You get Us - The Paris911 Team. A local and accountable team of RE/MAX professional real estate agents.

You are able to confide in the fact that any and all of your personal information will be kept securely within our custody. Any of your personal information will never be traded, sold, or given to anyone!

Unfortunately, one cannot say that with most of the other real estate websites that are also populating page one of the Search Engines.

If you are searching for real estate - whether you use our real estate team or not - make sure you are using local sources for your real estate listing information.

Case and Point. We have a couple that contact us and came in to discuss their plans related to buying a home in Valencia CA. While in our office - they relayed the following story.

I'll paraphrase. From Claudia and Stu - While searching on the internet, before finding you, we were amazed at what "request more information" got us. It did not get us more information about anything. It just got our email filled with spam and got our phones rininging every few minutes. The agents calling did not know the questions we asked to the website about the specific properties. Heck, most of them did not even know what website we were using when we entered our personal information. The really interesting thing is they had no idea about the properties we had inquired about. We were asking about a property in Valencia CA. We had two agents that worked in San Diego call us. Isn't that more than two hours away from Valencia?

This is only one part of the "beware" rule when it comes to searching for real estate on-line. Make sure you are using local sources. If you interested in real estate within the Santa Clarita Valley - Los Angeles County - Ventura County - everything that is for sale is posted at I will include a link below to our main Real Estate Website. It updates several times per hour and is fed directly by the Multiple Listing Service by the Boards of Realtors. Click to search with a Real Local Website - Not a Syndication Site.