This tool, that your personal real estate representative can manifest, is like Kryptonite was to Superman.  It will be the Silver Bullet in your pistol when the Warewolves are running at you.  In fact, it will repel blood suckers like Holy Water!

Believe it or not, I am speaking about a Buyer Broker Agreement.  You may have heard of this little, but powerful item.  It is a contract between you and the agent you are choosing to be Sworn to protect and serve the real estate interestedyour representative when buying real estate.

At first this 4 page "contract" may be a bit overwhelming.  But the protection it affords and the "blocking power" it exhibits is most EXCELLENT...

Here are of some examples of real estate drama, that you may have already encountered, while on your real estate search:

  • Visiting open houses where the agent is "puking" on you telling you how GREAT they are in comparison with whom you are working with. -Making you sign in, telling you that the seller mandates your revealing your personal information if you are wanting to view their home.
  • Calling on a Real Estate sign at a home you just drove by. -Only to have the agent play a cloak and dagger game with you over the phone - asking you to reveal personal and private information in a "quid pro quo" fashion.
  • Finding a property on-line and making an innocent inquiry. -Only to have your personal and private information sold to 10+ hungry agents.
  • Visiting New Housing Tracts and being forced to register.  -the Buyer Broker Agreements protects your interests in having your very own real estate agent to represent you.
Besides the buyer broker agreement defining everyone in the Game - it offers a new level of protection and security.

How do you enforce the Buyer Broker Agreement?  First, tell your "Real Estate Bodyguard" you want to be presented with a Buyer Broker Agreement.  Then waive it like a "white flag",  whenever you encounter another real estate agent.

It will stop any other real estate agent 100% of the time, from pushing, prodding and giving you unsolicited information.

You will see a perplexed look on their face more often than not.  They will then put away their High Pressure, Fast Talking Sales Techniques, that they have paid Thousands of Dollars to learn, back into their pressure cooker of a tool box.

Try it, "I have a buyer broker agreement with my agent..."  Has a nice ring to it doesn't it?  

The Sellers of Real estate, and their chosen real estate professional, have a contract between them that defines terms, loyalty and earnings.

As a Buyer, you should too, don't you think?  It levels the playing field and is something you can use to hold your Realtor Accountable.