I cannot say that I do either.  While the amount of agents that are lying from the first spoken word to the last utterance of the day are rare - they are out in the world.  I think this is what I hate about the industry the most.

They are not telling lies because they don't know the answer.  They are constantly telling lies so they are obtain more clients, get more listings, work with more buyers and in order to close more transactions.

Some of the lies are not "little while ones" either. They can harm a person that is wanting to buy a home or sell one - we are talking real estate agents sometimes lieabout the largest investment of a person's life.

We have encountered and heard stories of several "perpetual lies" from our clients that come into our offices when they have a hardship to overcome.  Here are some examples of the most recent, with explanations as to their source.

  • Let me short sale your home, you can buy in 1 year:  This one came to us from a LAPD officer that I worked with back at Central Traffic Division.  He sold short his home at the beginning of 2012.  The agent he used was a family friend and they told him that he would be able to buy in 1 year after his agent short selling his home.  The problem is, and was at that time, that he would not have been able to - it takes 3 years currently.  If he would have been told the truth, he would have explored other options like loan mods or principal reductions.
  • I'll only charge you 2% in commission:  While this may sound good - it's not good if you are a buyer of real estate.  Buyers do not pay their representatives commission.  The buyer's agent gets compensated by the seller - even when the seller has their own real estate agent.  We always recommend that you have your own Realtor that is on your side 100% when buying a home.  One that is not representing the seller also.  This "lie" was revealed a few days ago when we had clients in our offices that were shocked when I told them that they don't pay my commission when buying a home.  Their last agent charged them - who'd of thought!
  • Sure, I can sell your home for more than that your neighbor's home sold for:  This is a tactic used to "buy a listing" Buying one refer's to winning the listing during the appointment by telling the seller what they want to hear instead of the truth.  We went on a listing interview last week. The agent that went ahead of me told the seller of their Valencia CA home that their home was work $750,000 when it was only worth 600k maximum.  They then showed them comparable properties that were not within a mile of their home.  When I presented them with the facts, it was clear.  They felt as if they had been duped, while they were saddened that they could not sell their home for $750,000 - they were happy to deal with someone that was being honest.

It's very sad when honest starts being the "exception" to the rule.  We are Santa Clarita real estate agents - We used to be cops - we don't like liars.  Please, deal with us as you'd want to be dealt with.  That is our mantra, our philosophy. Click here to read our Paris911 team mission statement as it applies to our Paris911 at REMAX Real Estate team.