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Onto the story where we talked about sellers needing an inspection or appraisal prior to listing their property with the BEST of the BEST in local Santa Clarita real estate agents.

Do Santa Clarita sellers need an inspection and an appraisal of their home prior to listing? These are steps that most buyers will make as part of the process once they are under contract so it is easy to see how taking these steps as a seller could appear as overkill. In recovered markets these efforts seem less obligatory for sellers to take, in buyers markets it can be subjective. The strongest reason for an appraisal and an inspection is to know exactly what to expect when selling your home.

A Savvy Santa Clarita REALTOR should be able to deliver a reasonable fair market value for your home. By taking a close look at what has sold recently, what is currently listed for sale, and comparing your home and its condition to these homes an experienced REALTOR will offer advice on a price at which your home should sell in a reasonable amount of time. An appraisal is an added assurance that your REALTOR is indeed correct, or incorrect.

If you want us to do the "Work up" on your Santa Clarita home to find out it's fair market value, we will for FREE.

An inspection before selling allows you to know what issues exist with your home. This is helpful in avoiding any surprises when an inspection is ordered by your buyer and allows you the opportunity to either make repairs or offer a discount to a buyer who would like to do this on his own. This is a step that sellers take for their own conscience and certainly one which can open up a bag of worms when it comes to disclosure.

Plenty of sellers prefer to save the money and save the appraisal and the inspection for potential buyers. After all, there are many sellers who are still getting rid of their homes as a need, without extra money to spare for these expenses. Neither step is necessary, simply helpful in preparing yourself for what to expect if you are selling your home.

Choose the BEST in Real Estate that you can find.  Whether relocating from one part of the USA to another, or whether just moving down the street - get the best intel and let us know when you are ready to move.