What exactly is Rental Fraud?

It can mean several things, but as I'm speaking about it I am defining it as someone that is staging a property as a rental when it is not and when they don't have any authority nor are they representing the owner in any sort of capacity.

These bad people act like they have a rental for rent. They go online and write up a rental advertisement and then meet prospective people at a property which they may or may not have access to.

They represent themselves as if they are the owners, property managers, or real estate agents.

In the case of today's call, the perp was acting as the brother of the owner. The owner's last names didn't seem to match the perp's, at least on the surface. That's not saying much, but in the case of someone about to be victimized, it's worth making a note of.

If the rental defrauder can get inside access, so much the better. Some have met people in front of the "fake" rental listing, stating that the owners are home, but don't want any interruption.

They then say, "if you give me a check for the credit run and or deposit, I'll advise you if they select you." They will then, in some cases, have you fill out an application. This includes everything they need to assume your identity. 

Then one day in the future, In your life, you will see that all mailings to your residence stop.

Because the bad people did a change of address.

Now they are getting credit cards in your name mailed to a mailbox they have access to and before you know it, your credit is shot and you are up to your knees in additional debt. Plus, your identity has been stolen.

After you feel as if you may have been taken, get the intel and call the person who you may have been taken by and confront them. It could be they are on the up and up, in most cases, when the events unfold as they did on this article, they are not.

If they hang up the phone on you, your very next phone call should be to the local law enforcement offices to file a report.

Here is the dealio - contact me if you are interested in the rentals and leases in the Santa Clarita Valley. I don't handle rentals and leases, but as a favor, knowing that I know about "what goes around comes around", I'll put you in touch with the leasing agent.

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Another action I am able to take for those who say nice things about me is this. I will send you the title report, as I did for these gentlemen this morning. We were able to verify the sellers were living, in So. Cal. in a place the perp was unaware of.

I'm Connor MacIvor - please spread the word.