open house signs prohibited in Los AngelesOpen house signs, they are typically everywhere in Los Angeles when you are driving around on the weekends.

During those times, each corner is littered with the Realtor's Open House Signs, but did you know that is not Kosher?

I remember when I was a Full Time LAPD Cop, it was a violation to place an open house sign on any public street without the express and written permission of the City of Los Angeles.

While, I had never written a citation for having an "open house" sign placed on a public corner/street, I do know some cops that had.

Looking back, I think it was left via a parking citation, with the name as it appeared on the sign and the brokerage and phone number.

However, I cannot be certain and I even think if the agent is caught in the act, they are able to be written directly, kind of like a littering citation.

The City of Los Angeles, is going to start enforcing this more and more in the coming months according to the Los Angeles times.

As a Real Estate agent myself, there are plenty of ways that we can advertise our sellers open houses and do so without signs.

However, each of the "ways" that we would do it has to be on the up and up. There is a certain accountability factor where a "good and honest" agent would place the open house advertisement online, which differs from them being able to place a sign anywhere on any street corner.

Some open Houses are held at homes that are not actually for sale or have been sold. Keeping the "open houses" advertised within the MLS and Syndication Websites, may keep the "bad realtors" from setting people up.

I'm wondering if the City of Santa Clarita CA is going have the Open House signs pay the same fate as the bus benches that used to be one of the Realtor's Main Staples of advertising.

What do you think?  Do you think Open House Signs are a nuisance?  If you wanted to sell your home, where would you want your agent to advertise your open house?