Santa Clarita real estate professionals

Paris and I work with a multitude of clients from all walks of life.  Within our real estate industry in the Santa Clarita Valley we are known as "The 911 Team".  Our business came about after we were taken when we bought our first home. Shortly thereafter we became Realtors - but not "Typical" realtors.  You can read more about our Start in Santa Clarita Story here.

Do I need a REALTOR? It’s a question many people ask themselves and while certainly the answer can be different for each individual, having an experienced real estate professional on your side makes any transaction easier, not to mention more informed. You certainly wouldn't defend yourself in a court of law or try to take out your own spleen, why would you want to complete a real estate transaction without the assistance of a true professional.

Of course not every REALTOR is as experienced or congenial as the next but neither is every other professional. Ultimately, however, a REALTOR has been educated, passed an exam, continues his education, and has had some real experience in buying and selling homes. A qualified REALTOR will put your best interests first and see a transaction through to the end.

So, back to the question, do you need a REALTOR? It certainly can make buying and selling easier. It’s a tricky market out there, with loans being harder to get and values being somewhere between still dropping and starting to rise. It never hurts to have experience on your side and if you want a deal to go through as seamlessly as possible a REALTOR with a good reputation is a great idea.

When it comes to being Listing Agents in Santa Clarita there is a lot of constant homework and education that has to take place. That is if we are going to stay at the top of our Game...  The "Set it and forget it" philosophy of some agents won't cut the mustard in any "modern" real estate market.  It is not by accident we are at the Tops of the SERP's(search engine results pages) with our sellers listings and our brand. It takes hours and hours of dedication in writing blog posts such as this one and displaying the BEST in real estate listings like the one below.

BE Safe - talk soon and thanks for re-tweeting - Google plus-ing - and Sharing this intel.

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