Without using a gun, could you make it as a Realtor?

What about the cost of joining? If you had about three grand you could attend real estate school. You could take the state exam. You could then join a brokerage and then join the local board of Realtors. Cards, signs, and you are ready for your phone to ring, or are you?

What next? You found your real estate agent on line, on a postcard, in some publication or were referred to them right?

All of those things cost big money, even the "referred to" one.

How much mailing do you have to do to get 1 client? Stats say 1000 pieces.

How about to get "referred to"? You will have at least two soi, sphere of influence, transactions.

How about the Internet? That takes time, learning and money. You could do pay per click. Whoops, I have passed the "getting a website" thing. That takes money...

Getting front and center in a major publication? Big money and more than 1 month commitment. People want to see you are established.

So how do you get a leg up in the real estate business? How do you learn the ropes from the masters?

You join their team as a buyers agent.

Go to Santa Clarita Macbox for real estate and type in the words buyers agents to learn more.

Be safe.