I had no idea.  My uncle came to visit. He loves to smoke. He asked where the nearest store was located in relation to our home, so he could buy a pack of cigarettes.

The paris911 team helps with your businessAfter the 4 hours, starting when he arrived, he complained how crazy LA Drivers were and how he had people waiving to him, not with their whole hand :)

I said, I'd go.  So, I left the house and headed to the chevron Gas Station at the corner.  I went inside, asked for his cigarettes by name - the fella handed me the pack, I was proud, he then said, "That'll be $8.67"...

He said it like he had been saying it all day.  He said it as if it was okay to say :)

Eight Bucks - for 20 cigarettes?  I wonder what MJ costs in the states where it's legal...

I though to myself at that very moment, I could buy a domain name - a .com - for about that price.

And do you know what I can do with a domain name?  I can do a lot with a domain name and simple scripts coupled with BlueHost.

I can build 365 wordpress blogs in a year - if I were to do one every day.

I know my uncle did not get it when I told him, excitedly.  He is a 3 pack a day smoker - that would get me more than two domain names :)

Point being - you have no idea in what places you may be able to cut back to build a money making business.

An on-line presence - that is what most of the world wants.

Some do it by being clever on social media.  Others do it by writing content.  Both want to do it...

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