The last thing any of us wants is to be sued.

That is one of the worst feelings in the world.  Whether deserving or not.

However, with this story, maybe there is more to it.  Maybe the agent representing the bank that was selling the Foreclosure Did not know there were a septic tank and the sewer was not connected in the street.

Maybe - In fact, what about the home inspector?  Would they have identified the home as being on Septic and not connect to the City Sewer?

I would think they would have.  What about the Listing Agent, are they required to have utilities turned on with regard to the homes they list for the bank?  We are when handling Citi's Assets.

In fact, that is when I find out a lot of things.  Whether power has been on in the recent past.  How many different water companies or Co Op water corps are responsible.  I also find out something about the sewer.   Is it connected and is it necessary to pay for City Sewer service?

Well, maybe something happened with this purchase that was not disclosed in the news article.

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