When it comes to real estate - I cannot help but think sometimes some of the clients in the world are getting totally sold short.

Not that they are being taken advantage of, but that does exist. No, I'm speaking about working with those realtors that have knowledge and experience.

Those that "get it" when the market shifts and aren't waiting to be told that they need to change their plan of attack if their clients are to get what they want when it comes to buying or selling real estate.

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We have been "on deck" many times when it came to folks wanting to buy or sell real estate. However, sometimes "time" can hurt or help. Statements like, "Boy, I wish we would have been working with you from the beginning..", come to mind.

Those statements are painful to say the least and typically equate to money that could have been saved by the home buyer or home seller.

Here is how you can prevent this "looking back" from feeling as if you may have lost out or had been sold short. Before you get to this step, or before you are taking any farther down the yellow brick road, sit down behind your computer and do some Googling.

There are two things that you are going to want to look for. A reputable brokerage with which to work with and an experienced/knowledgable real estate agent's Team...

The Brokerage:

Is it REMAX or is it Realty Executives - Keller Williams - Coldwell Banker - Troop - Dilbeck - some private firm that is just "local"?

The company you choose can make a difference - expecially when that company is one that lists and sells more real estate than any other for the area you want to have your dealings within.

Look around for the company/brokerage that is the most active within your neck of the woods. Make sure the brokerage is local and then find a real estate agent or team at that office to work with.

It should be simple - the agents you work with should not be using any smoke or mirrors to get you to work with them. Clever marketing like "Guaranteeting to sell a home or they will buy it, is not only a "conflict of interest" but it is always weighed heavily in the real estate agents favor via all of the "small print""".

The Realtors:

Quality in and quality out. Are they focused? Are they visible on the WWW. The reason that this question is important to answer has to do with how "connected" your real estate agents are.

The more connections a real estate agent or team as, the most successful their sellers and buyers will be.

It comes down to reputation, work ethic and being able to get what their clients want with regard to real estate.

The Bottom Line:

You may want to be coddled - you may want an local Santa Clarita real estate expert to not beat around the bush and only give you facts, heck - maybe you are looking for love :)

You will find the real estate agent that suits you. You will know that agent when you meet them. They will stick out to you like purple M&M's first did when they were released.

After you have had a look around - head over to the REMAX of Valencia CA website for the Paris911 Team. Have a look around and let us know when you are ready for our help.