We are getting closer to the end of 2012.  One more day and a wake up and we will have arrived in 2013.  I am wondering what it will bring us on the real estate front?  I am sure that we will continue publishing content hand over fist about the state of the local real estate market and current statistical numbers as they related to the "goings on" within the Santa Clarita real estate world.

Paris911 Santa Clarita real estate cup holderFor our friends from the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department - We have specific pages that have been built to protect and serve their "personal" real estate needs. - Which we wrote about recently on our REMAX Relocation blog.

When looking at properties with your real estate agent, make sure they are giving knock and notice.  Make sure they are announcing as they are opening up the front door, even if the "listing agent" said the home is currently not occupied(vacant).  They can save you a lot of stress if there happens to be someone inside of the home and "notice" was not given, thereby startling the occupant.

We have been known as the local Santa Clarita real estate team that works with more Police officers and Deputy Sheriffs than any other real estate team in Los Angeles county.  In holding that title, we have had our fair share of stories where other agents have shown our sellers listings, not doing it as they should by giving notice, only to have their clients confronted by a tired, cranky and startled Law enforcement officer holding a gun :(

Be Safe this weekend - we have new years just around the corner and we are glad to be working with such a GREAT group of clientele.  Whether cop or civilian - we are completely honored - be safe and thanks for sharing and commenting.