I know the games shouldn't make me laugh - especially when it is about people's hard earned money being sacrificed.  So I get angry...

Santa Clarita Top RealtorsHowever, there are some internet housing websites advertising that you can get lists of homes right here in the Santa Clarita Valley that are going to government auction, and you can buy them for $1.00.

The other thing that is making it's way around is "We buy houses...".  You see them at freeway offramps and inconspicuous places along the beaten path.

Hasn't anyone figured out these are real estate agents, and this is their lead capture mechanism?

How about the toll free numbers with Property ID's and Info Extensions - Again, number traps.

Some types of inquiring on-line will give you the same results - having your personal and private information sold and or traded (or both, to the highest bidder or those willing to pay for it.

How many Realtors are willing to pay for leads?  I'd say a majority - because they are unable, at the present time, to get leads of their own.

As I have been told by some of the realtors I have trained in the past, "It takes too much work and time to get leads like you do..."

I always say, "then start today and in 6 months you are going to be sitting pretty."

Ha - there is another strange response, "Fat Chance - it's too much work..." - Ah Well, I can only do so much...  Be careful when searching on line, and if it sounds too good to be true - it probably is.  At least have your trusted realtor make the call and do the inquiry for you.