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Local Realtors

Being local real estate agents has it's advantages. First, we are considered the local real estate experts for anyone looking to relocated to our areas as "those cities" may be unfamiliar. Those types of "relocation clients" want to work with those that live in the actual Cities where they are relocating.

Ye Old Yearbook

Grudges form every day. I suppose a lesson to be learned has to be not "pissing off" the girl responsible for sending the "final draft" to the publisher of the yearbook. If it is true - Of course she is to blame, and there will be a cost for sure.

How are the Realtors on your Facebook and G+ acting?

Probably not well. According to a recent Paris911 Survey, 72% of those that use "social media" to be social, are tired of the "blind self promotion" that occurs by those in "sales", on their "non business" pages.

It doesn't stop at Real Estate agents, even though they are some of the biggest offenders, it stretches to the other's that are trying to start "home based" businesses.

I have to say, at least some of the real estate agents have a brake. It's called the Local Boards of Realtors and their Broker. If they are "too much and too spammy", they may get reported...

For those selling the "Long Lasting Crapper Ware" from a PC sitting on their kitchen table - not much you can do about it except by "un-circling them" or "blocking and unfriending" them.

Realtor Safety - Perp Identity

What does a killer look like? What about a Robber? A child molester? The fact of the matter is, they look like all of us. They look like everyone else.

That is the problem today, that many that are "out in the sales professions" face, on an almost daily basis. How do you know if the person you are meeting to show that property is legit or if they are someone that wants to kill you?

The Paris911 Team (Connor MacIvor), does a Real Estate agent safety briefing. Very similar to Roll Calls that used to be held at the LAPD while I was a Police Officer.

One of the things that you will want to be aware of is watching out for yourselves when searching on-line.

I would have any of my friends and family heed this advice. There is nothing on-line that can compare with searching on a local Realtor's Website. Especially a local Real Estate agent that knows their stuff as far as Searching for Homes and Real Estate.

Just ask yourself this question when wanting to search online, "Is this website owned by a real local real estate agent or is it a Corporate Website?"

Steer yourselves toward the local websites and be safe..