Santa Clarita real estate agentsSome think that everyone should understand certain terms in Real Estate. Whether they have ever bought a home or sold one.  That could not be farther from the truth.

The only way anyone is going to know is if someone lets them in on the intel.

That is my mission, to educate the public about all of the "behind the curtain" happenings that go on in Real Estate.

With a better educated public, about real estate things, they are better protected and we don't see as many people taken advantage of.

I'll never forget when BFMV's started to increase in the San Fernando Valley when I was a motor cop.  They put us on a special BFMV, Burglary from Motor Vehicle task force.

It was our job to educate the public and host public meetings with the different neighborhood watch groups.

We educated the group about visibility into their cars.  The phone chargers that are left in public view increased the breaking of windows over 70%.

Or at least that is how much it reduced when we told the members of the community to stop leaving their cell phone's car chargers plugged in when they were away from their vehicle.

That is astounding and the power of education at work.

On our Santa Clarita Daily radio show about Real Estate, I talked about the difference between a buyers and seller real estate market.

Something that is not talked about enough and how the transition usually happens by my past experience.

Enjoy the Santa Clarita radio show and please let the Paris911 Team of Real Estate agents know when you are ready to MOVE.

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