Hey Charles,

Below, you will find all of the current listings that meet your criteria "on the surface".

I say on the "Surface" because the condo's, town-homes and some of the single family residences (attached), will have to be further scrubbed by our team and the lender that you are working with to ensure FHA compliance.

Before, in the Santa Clarita Valley, almost all of the condos and townhomes were approved for FHA.  Today, that has changed a great deal.

In fact, the FHA approved list changes almost weekly.  There are only about 1/2 a dozen complexes that are still FHA approved and none seem to be in the re-approval process.

Please bookmark this page and check back.  After John, one of our best buyers agents contacts you, our team will be searching as well.

This page is always available by you visiting our Main real estate website - Paris911.com - typing into the MaCboX the word Charles.

We do have access to "off market" inventory via our networking groups and including from the other Top Santa Clarita listing agents that send us their Real Estate inventory before it hits the Multiple Listing Service.

BTW - if you see listings that are less than 100k below, it may be that those are located on leased land and are manufactured in type.  Those will not be allowed for FHA financing - I cannot exclude them on this platform.

Hang in there - John will be reaching out to you soon.

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