Santa Clarita COVID19 real estate market update episode 2020-139

Santa Clarita Real estate is continuing to move at a pace that does not show it has slowed down by much.

The latest numbers in comparison with last year during the same time period, we are approximately 25% down in home sales in the Santa Clarita Valley cities.

I did the math and 25% was me eyeballing the numbers. After I got home, I was able to remove my shoes and also use my toes - these are big numbers folks.

I took the total numbers of closed (sold) residents in the Santa Clarita Valley from the months of April 2019 (351) and April of 2020 (248). 

I subtracted those two numbers and if my "nonfuzzy" math is correct, that leaves me with a 103 difference between what had sold in 2019, April, and what had sold 2020, April.

I then divided those number into one another, the high and the difference, multiplied by 100 and if my high school math is correct - our decline between the sales figures in the Santa Clarita real estate market Between April 2019 and April 2020 was 29.34% lower for home sales in the Santa Clarita Valley April 2020.

The difference in those two months is the in 2020 we had the coronavirus COVID19 quarantine. March numbers did not morph due to those having many of the transactions in the sales process starting in January of 2020. 

We see the COVID19 quarantine change the market when it comes to the April closings. 

As we approach the closing numbers of May 2020 I will do another market data eval and let you know that the impact of COVID19 and the quarantine was.

I'd opine the difference is going to be negligible for the sold comparison between May 2019 and May 2020.

I will keep you posted as to those happenings. I do my weekly real estate show which you can find by googling Santa Clarita Blog.

Before I get into the data and what is going to set your home sales or buying adventure up to be the best it can be during this time, let me give you the local numbers.

Santa Clarita real estate local data update - May 18, 2020

May 17th was my birthday, I'm 23 again - I'm so excited to be a part and also happy to be able to use the restroom unassisted, for now.

It was a good weekend - it's nice when a birthday falls on a Saturday or Sunday. But, that does seem to add the pounds because I always start celebrating too early.

Santa Clarita real estate news reporter without press papers Connor MacIvorEnough about my Dunlap disease - that is where the gut done lapped over the belt!

  • 444 ACTIVE - real estate listings, residential type homes, condos and town-homes currently for sale in the Santa Clarita Valley cities of Acton, Agua Dulce, Castaic, Canyon Country, Newhall, Saugus, Stevenson Ranch, and Valencia.
  • 20 COMING SOON - coming soon listings in the Santa Clarita Valley are a new event, which started on May 1st - but needed to be finalized by the 5th of May. These homes which are for sale you won't see on Zillow or Trulia until they are released from their coming soon status. It could be 21 days before that happens. If you have a search membership on an Actual Realtors Website such as - you will see them there.
  • 178 ACTIVE UNDER CONTRACT - residence is in this category. This category exists because some of these homes won't complete the sales process under their present buyer contract. They will fall out of escrow and come back as "active" once again to be sold to a different buyer.
  • 235 PENDING - these are homes that are in escrow, but where the agents are pretty confident they are going to finish the escrow process. These are also residences where the home sellers don't want any further showings.
  • 1538 SOLD - in the last 180 days and 41 SOLD in the Santa Clarita Valley since my last real estate update and market report - which was 1 week ago today.
  • 3 EXPIRED - in the Santa Clarita Valley cities during the past 7 days. For the record 188 listings expired during the last 180 days and did not sell within the contractual time frame. This number typically when you list a residence with my team or with me, is about 6 months. I take 180-day listing contracts, no matter the housing market, fast or slow. I have reasons for this which I explain in my listing presentation meeting.
  • 161 CANCELLED - sellers changed their minds - this is a 180 day period of time researching the Santa Clarita cities of Acton, Agua Dulce, Castaic, Canyon Country, Newhall, Saugus, Stevenson Ranch, and Valencia.
  • 61 ON HOLD - these are listings that need to be paid attention to by the Santa Clarita home buyer. However, access is limited to the agents who are directly sending their home buyers listings from MATRIX, our internal MLS system. If you want to see these in their entirety - hit me up and I'll get those that fit your criteria sent to you asap!
  • 44 WITHDRAWN - During the past 180 days, 44 homes have been removed/withdrawn from the for-sale market. However, during the past 7 days, only 4 have been withdrawn.

All of this activity in the Santa Clarita Valley seems like business as usual, with one small change. The buyer home volume is down when compared to last year.

The biggest reason for this comes in the way of the quarantine and the buyers not having a paycheck to show to continue them being approved for a home loan.

The inventory is there and it's selling to those home buyers which have "essential" jobs. It's also selling to those homebuyers who have sponsors who are able to finance a home and have the current employment/wealth profile when the actual buyer does not.

The Proof - the Santa Clarita real estate data does not lie

If you look at the changes in the Santa Clarita real estate data you will see that when compared with last year, we have a 29.34% reduction or decline in sales when I compare April 2019 to April 2020.

Below this chart which I have included a compilation of the Santa Clarita cities of Castaic, Canyon Country, Saugus, Newhall, Valencia and Stevenson Ranch, is the actual numbers - I highlighted the April figures. Starting in 2018, with 2019 and 2020 alongside.

I indicated three years with arrows - April of 2018, 2019, and 2020. AS you can see when we compare the April numbers of 2019 to April of 2020, we have the quarantine to blame for the real estate sales slowdown.

Interest rates are great, inventory is still low and we still have a high buyer drive, as in all three of those years. The only difference was the COVID19 quarantine and the job losses in the employment sectors. People have gotten hit hard.

However, the surprising part if the moment of real estate as it pertains to this time. Homes and Selling, home buyers are buying and it seems that a lot of people are registering to use our EDGE program to save some money!

Santa Clarita COVID19 impact update for homes by Connor MacIvor

Sales, Number of
Month 2018 2019 2020
Jan 209 162 189
Feb 206 192 255
Mar 301 287 292
Apr 311 351 248
May 353 378  
Jun 404 343  
Jul 338 381  
Aug 367 393  
Sep 255 297  
Oct 276 320  
Nov 274 277  
Dec 231 291

COVID19 quarantine update Santa Clarita homes and real estate news

  Sales, Number of
Month 2017 2018 2019 2020
Jan 211 209 162 187
Feb 238 205 190 253
Mar 354 301 284 290
Apr 283 310 350 245
May 395 353 377 78

As you can see from this graph showing the sold numbers for only residential real estate's with improvements - Homes, condos, and or town-homes, we were on track to be very close to the same sales numbers.

When you see March, the lime green line, March 2020 - the line makes an abrupt decline. That decline directly corresponds to the placement of the COVID19 quarantine within the Santa Clarita Valley.

Santa Clarita homes being shown is key on seller preparation

There are tasks that are required of a home seller these days.

More than in the past which their agent cannot handle.

Wiping down with a disinfectant after the buyers traverse through your home.

Keeping the trashcans clear of trash and giving the buyer receptacles outside of your front door to discard their PPE, Personal Protective Equipment - Gloves and Masks.

Buyers all seem to be on board in the bringing of their PPE with them when viewing homes.

Sellers should leave the residence during the time when the buyers are going to be present to show the home.

Typically, the sellers will have prepared their home for a nice showing presentation. 

By this time, as a Santa Clarita home buyer, you will have pre-qualified with a real estate lender and done a complete walkthrough via the virtual tour that the seller's agent has provided.

Once those items have been fulfilled, it will be time to write an offer on the home sight unseen in person, but with the language that you are writing the offer contingent on your visiting the home in person and walking through it.

That is one of the better ways to have the seller feel your seriousness. However, don't fret if you walk through it and don't like it, you can cancel the transaction and get your deposit back 100%, you will lose nothing.

All homes shown by Appointment only in Santa Clarita Valley

Even homes that are vacant. They have to be set up for showing via appointment because there is paperwork that the home buyer is going to need to sign via their agent before looking inside of a vacant home.

The same applies to the occupied listings. All are set by appointment only.

Sellers, as I stated, should have left the home after the showing time was agreed upon. The home seller should have all the lights on and the residence cool. If they want to wow the buyers, have some light music playing in the background - that is always a plus.

Below are the postings that are recognized by the various Boards of Realtors and should be posted on each front door of the homes which are listed for sale.

POSTED: Santa Clarita home buyer rules when viewing homes for sale

Santa Clarita home buyer rules for viewing real estate during covid19

It goes without saying, if anyone has knowingly been around anyone who has a confirmed case of the COVID19 virus - they should not be viewing homes in the first place.

That is a true case where a person should be self-quarantining at a very deep level until the time has passed to ascertain whether or not they have acquired the virus.

All visitors to the property must abide by the following rules - current changes to showings of homes in the Santa Clarita Valley. These are posted on the front doors of homes, condos, and town-homes - all residential listings that are subject to the appointment-only clause of viewing. This applies to homes that are occupied and those homes which are vacant.

Wear a protective face mask - when viewing a Santa Clarita home, it has been said that the best strategy would be to have a mask on their face while walking through. With all of the information and misinformation about the coronavirus, and this one - COVID19, we really don't know for certain. I'd say this, I don't think it could hurt to wear a facial covering. When exposed to a closed home where things can be trapped inside. Like Viruses.

Wash your hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer - Doubling up on those efforts when about to enter a residence to view it in person or after viewing and before you enter your sacred spaces - car etc, I'd think would be suggested. However, washing hands with hot water at a residence is not typically the best thing depending on what you have to touch in order to wash your hands. Doorknobs - faucets, sink counters, towels, and more. Hand Sanitizer used until you get to a better place to wash your hands with hot water would be a Santa Clarita home expert best practice. 36

Wear Gloves - this one is going to be necessary when wanting to view homes and estates. The showings in the Santa Clarita Valley are all by appointment only now. It's required that your agent and you decide on what method would be best to attain the gloves you are going to be wearing. Some clients are much more comfortable bringing their own PPE when viewing Santa Clarita homes in person.

Practice social distancing by keeping at least 6 feet between yourself and others. Do not gather in groups - This one has been learned in the real world also. Running to people that I know in the supermarket has started to have me and them behaving in this manner. Talking from my height away from each other, or at least 6' of my height :) While viewing homes, stand apart and adhere to the social distancing guidelines. While showing a home last week, one of the seller's children showed up who was visiting at a neighbors home, don't let this happen to you but if it does, do not freak out either. Let your agent handle it instead of screaming at the top of your lungs freaking everyone out.

Do not touch surfaces. All persons on property for in-person showings should avoid touching knobs, faucets, countertops, light switches, and other items - at times when showing properties in the old days - pre-March of 2020, my clients would ask me if using the sellers' bathroom was allowed. Typically, I gave the green light for this action after a quick conferring with the seller's agent. However, using a homeowner's bathroom during the showing of the home is not going to be something that will be able to be allowed during the quarantine and COVID19 pandemic.

I was picking up sushi yesterday from one of my favorite restaurants. Kinza sushi - it's awesome. I had a tickle, guys understand this, so I asked if using the bathroom is allowed with the restrictions that are in place. The order taker said no it was, not at this time. If they are not going to allow you to restaurants, viewing homes would not be allowed either.

After viewing discard any disposable gloves, masks, or shoe coverings worn during the visit - probably easier said than done. I carry plastic bags with me from the supermarket. Plastic bags that I won't be using again for groceries. I use these with my clients in case the seller does not have a trashcan placed outside of their front door. Disposing of your trash inside of the home where the sellers have their personal trashcans is not allowed. Hence the bag - I open it up, my clients put their gloves, booties, and masks inside, I tie up the bag and then dispose of it. I then take off my gloves and dispose of them also. Now is a great time for the hand sanitizer to be applied or a good hot water handwashing to be completed.


Ok, it's bad, but I hope it never becomes that bad.

These are the new rules when it comes to showing a Santa Clarita home buyer any real estate listings that are for sale in person.

If you have not heard about our HomeBuyer EDGE rebate program - register here

When you are ready, when you hear of someone that needs to have their real estate handled, I, Connor MacIvor will be here at a 100% level to serve you.

Real Estate video and radio podcast for your Santa Clarita real estate update by Connor MacIvor Santa Clarita home expert realtor (00:00):

Good day everybody. Connor, MacGyver, thank you so much for tuning in. It does really mean the world to me. I think I might have that glaring issue solved. So we'll find out. I'm coming to you here a couple of days after my birthday, May 19th, 2020, uh, May 18th, which was yesterday on Monday. I did do preparation for today's show, so I do have some numbers. We'll talk about the real estate market. We'll talk about what you as buyers and sellers need to know about what's going on currently and the best way to watch out for your ours when it comes to real estate. Uh, showings have changed a lot now and the real estate market overall is doing very, very well. We're about 25% down in the numbers of listings that we sold last month as compared to the month before. That's going to be April. I did put that chart in the blog post that corresponds to this radio show.

Connor MacIvor Santa Clarita home expert realtor (00:58):

How you get there to go to and look for the latest radio show. This is going to be the one that I completed here this week and today is going to be again May 19th, 2020 so let's get into it a little bit. Now, I haven't publicized this yet, but first, they were going to do, we're going to talk about local inventory. Then we're going to talk about our edge program. You can find that at www. SCV, of course, stands for Santa creative Valley and edge. I'm giving you an edge, right? You can go there and check that out. I won't talk about that here in a little bit. And then finally, the way showings have changed in the real estate market has maybe caused some buyers to slow down a little bit, making it a better advantage for other buyers on the market.

Connor MacIvor Santa Clarita home expert realtor (01:48):

Now we do see a lot of implications that have hit us because of the quarantine because people are unable to go to work if they're deemed not essential. The essential part of the workforce now that's going to start opening up now, uh, as we get later into this month, the end of May and June. In fact, I've seen some changes out there already in some of the local establishments and shops. I see these are starting to open up a little bit more and more. So time's going to tell as far as how these openings are going to help the economy, how people are going to get back to work. Something I heard that was interesting, kind of an interesting thing. I want to say my generation wouldn't think this way. I don't know. But some of the people that have been called up to come back to work cause right, things are opening. They're telling their bosses, no, no, I'm not going to come back right now. I'm making more on unemployment than I did working for you.

Connor MacIvor Santa Clarita home expert realtor (02:48):

So that's the way that works. Is it? So anyway, that's what's happening. I heard that this morning. A little odd. Something that I wouldn't necessarily, not for me, but again, it's out there just to let you know. Also, other real estate buyers were pre-approved a few months ago. You're going to have to do that all over again. Once you go back. Hopefully, it's going to be the same employer, the same type of work. Uh, the banks might make some kind of adjustment, but it's too early to tell because we still have the 30 million-plus people that are on unemployment because they are at a work because of this quarantine that took place. All right, so locally here in Santa Clarita Valley and here when I'm doing this data, I'm running all the cities acting through Valencia, acting awkward. I'll say Casta, Kenny country, new hall, sagas, Stevenson Ranch and Valencia.

Connor MacIvor Santa Clarita home expert realtor (03:44):

So you're seeing all of them and these numbers. So currently as of yesterday, four, four, four, 444 active real estate listings, residential type homes. These are condos. Townhomes currently for sale properties here in the Santa Cruz Valley. Cities, as I stated, act an awkward Jose kiss, take any country, new hall, Stevenson Ranch and Valencia. So that's all of them. Every single listing out there for sale. And the reason why I say all of them, why stress that is because if you're looking at an online syndication system, you might see more because they're taking one of the statuses and they're including that other status inactive, which those properties are actually an escrow under contract with buyers. So watch out for that. Santa Creta home is the local source. We do have a new category. This was implemented on May 1st had to be finished by May 5th and they did it.

Connor MacIvor Santa Clarita home expert realtor (04:43):

This is called coming soon. So besides the 444 active, there are now 20 listings that are coming soon. And the way that works is this. If a real estate agents take a listing, it used to be before this enforceable the rule that they were able to take that property and kind of tease the market with it, maybe put a sign, maybe write about it on their own blog posts, things like that. Well now if they get caught doing that and that property is not in the coming soon field or in the MLS period, then they're going to get fined big lots of money. So they're not going to want to do it. The other reason why this was done, at least what I think is the real estate syndication websites out there, the big Zillow and Trulia and all of those there, they had a method in place where they were allowing real estate agents on those platforms to advertise coming soon listings as well.

Connor MacIvor Santa Clarita home expert realtor (05:42):

Well, that gave Zillow and Trulia a bigger advantage than the MLS systems, even real estate agents websites, so people were using those a lot. Well, now the tables have turned. If an agent wants to use a coming soon listing in the multiple listing service, the syndication sites don't get to see it. You would if you were on a drip from me or I had you set up for to get property real estate listings as they hit the market for sale, then very simply you would see those and you would see those first right when they went onto the market and more and more real estate agents are going to use the coming soon field because it gives them an edge and also it gives their sellers and advantage kind of building that excitement with regard to their home. So 20 coming soon listings current as of yesterday, the 18th of May, 2020, and those are the properties that were again in that category.

Connor MacIvor Santa Clarita home expert realtor (06:40):

So here's the next category and if you include this with the active, as you can see, you're talking, you know over 600 listings currently on the market for sale. But these are properties that are under contract with a buyer, so they're really not active. But that's the status 178 of those currently 235 properties are pending. Those are in escrow. Also under contract with buyers. The pending status, what it's supposed to do. In theory, it's supposed to remove that whole listing from actually being advertised on the market, pers for sale. And it also stops this listing from being one of those that gets previewed, looked at, uh, might be entertaining backup offers if the offer, they have a shaky, no more open houses typically with that. But right now with the warranty, we're not doing them anyway because they said we can't and I get it.

Connor MacIvor Santa Clarita home expert realtor (07:34):

So 235 of those listings are pending now. And the last 180 days, we've had 1,538 listing sell and the Santa great Valley, uh, in the last and 41. So from last week, I did my last real estate update last

Monday to today or yesterday, 41 homes sold. So that's the total closings. That's quite a bed for being under quarantine and also having a major part of the workforce, uh, being laid off or out of a job currently. So it's interesting to me to see that this is still how real estate is moving. And believe it or not, that's pretty good. Even when you compare that with numbers last year, we're still moving very, very well in Santa Clarita Valley as far as real estate and if you're watching out there, of course, you have the 25% fewer sales for the month of April 2020 compared to the month of April 2019 but that's, that's not huge.

Connor MacIvor Santa Clarita home expert realtor (08:32):

It's still moving. Also, somebody asked me this morning if I think we're going to have a massive decline in the real estate inventory. I said no, probably for three reasons. First off, we have very limited inventory. Number two, we do have new housing. It's building as fast as they can, but it's not going to be enough to overrun the resale market price point exclusive. Plus we still have very limited inventory in the resale market. They're not going to be able to build fast. Now also with the new homes, it depends on where they are. Right. And a lot of the new homes are kind of stuck because they're all in on a particular area and if that works for you, commute wise, great. But if you want to be somewhere close to the freeway, you're going to be thinking resale. There's a lot of resales that are built-in 2017 anyway.

Connor MacIvor Santa Clarita home expert realtor (09:19):

You want to see those. You go to Santa Clarita, home expert, forward slash new Santa Clara, home forward slash, new and then the final reason is interest rates are incredibly low for both events and we're seeing that with those low-interest rates. People are still out there buying, buying residences. We have a lacking inventory. We have very low-interest rates, so definitely the buyers are looking to purchase real estate. Plus we have that limited inventory. They already said that but the new housing isn't going to be over ramping, so those dynamics that create that market where we have excessive inventory and prices start to buckle. I don't see that. Now. Also, don't forget within the last several months there was a lot of real estate, real estate owners that did refinance on the residences because the rates buckled and lowered again and we might even see that same action. 2021 we'll have to see. I heard a rumor that interest rates were probably going to come down at that time as well. And typically when you can save three-quarters of a point half a point or more when it comes to being able to refinance to a lower interest rate, a lot of times that's good that it's good to do. You just got to ask the right questions to your lender. Call me when you're ready to refinance and I'll give you those questions. All right.

Connor MacIvor Santa Clarita home expert realtor (10:40):

We covered the sold three properties in the last seven days. Expired didn't sell within the contract, not unusual no matter what time of year, so that's okay. Hundred seconds. Well, that's okay. Unless you're the agents of those owners, 161 properties canceled in the last 180 days. 61 properties were on, went on hold. These are properties that are going to add to that current active inventory. That's something to be aware of. So instead of four 44, we're pushing mid fives almost with real estate inventory that could be for sale plus those 20 so we're about mid fives as far as what's going to happen when these properties get released. And also those coming soon listings in the market for sale. So it's still quite a bit, but still the seller's market, hundred percent, hundred percent, alright. 44 properties have been withdrawn, taken off of the market.

Connor MacIvor Santa Clarita home expert realtor (11:36):

And you know, realistically some sellers maybe changed their mind. Maybe they're talking to friends and family and they're saying, Hey listen, maybe now's not the right time to sell. Or the bigger reason is that these folks are out of a job and they're not going to be able to buy or rent anything. Now they're going to have to stay put and maybe they've been able to get their mortgage to be placed on hold. If you haven't done that yet. And if you're one of those out of work and unless you have the wherewithal, I would definitely at least consider that because Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, they're both doing it. And from what I hear, it just takes a phone call.

Connor MacIvor Santa Clarita home expert realtor (12:20):

I've had phone calls that were caused a lot of worse damage. Right. All right, so you can check that out. I did post the graph, Santa Creta home I posted that on there. I'll talk about some of the buyer's issues. Now if you haven't, if you're a buyer out there and you've been contemplated real estate, this is how it works. So what happens is this, you contact an agent, yours truly, hopefully, once you do, then we get you set up, you get preapproved for a loan prequalified for a loan, kind of the same thing. Prequalification is more hands-on if you will, looking at more paycheck stubs, tax returns, those sorts of things. Proof of employment or employment verification. That's going to be your pre-approval, pre-qualification. So it's you really want to have something really solid. Even better than that would be an underwriter approval and that's something we recommend going into it at the very beginning.

Connor MacIvor Santa Clarita home expert realtor (13:23):

So something to consider, but I'll explain all of that. Of course. When the time comes. Now after you get that part of the process fulfilled, we then talk about what neighborhoods you have interest in. I know I'm one of the number one results when it comes to best Santa crater neighborhoods to live. I've covered all of them. I give you an idea of what each one entails and that kind of helps buyers that aren't familiar with the local area. But if you're not familiar with the local area, even better. Let's take a drive together. We can all wear masks and open the windows and all that fancy stuff. But let's take a drive around Santa Clarita Valley so I can point out to you what areas or what and potential advantages or disadvantages in each. You'll be able to see those yourself just by me driving around explaining to you what's going on in these different areas.

Connor MacIvor Santa Clarita home expert realtor (14:11):

Now after you decide that you know, the price, uh, corresponding, the type of residents are out there because I've shown you that you know, what you pre-approve or prequalify for, you know that as well. One of the things I will say, don't go out there and make yourself mortgage poor. Don't go out there and overextend yourself, so find out after all the costs, your mortgage payment plus insurance, plus taxes, plus HOA plus maintenance, plus utilities, whatever the pluses are, make sure you factor all that in with estimates and then you know where you are per month. That's going to then allow me to calculate what kind of price range we should be looking in and then we started looking at the price range, so it's going to be a couple of different ways. I'm going to send you listings from the actual MLS system. I'm going to give you access and a password and access code to Santa Clarita, home you're going to log in, you're going to input, your parameters are all built out.

Connor MacIvor Santa Clarita home expert realtor (15:12):

Search for you depending on how savvy you are and how you want it. And then we start looking at real estate online, so he sees several things. Let's say there. Hopefully, there'll be virtual tours of the walkthrough nature, the three-D type, because a lot of agents are still trying to go the cheap route and

they're still trying to only put up basically the photograph that has the ability to basically go from left to right as the camera goes over like that. Again, it's not, it doesn't help buyers when they're looking at real estate listings online, especially when some of them have to have offers written before they're even seen. And we see that as well, especially on those hot properties now, can they make, you know, but if somebody's willing to do it, which buyers are and they get in before you because you weren't willing because, in essence, you haven't lost anything.

Connor MacIvor Santa Clarita home expert realtor (16:08):

Even writing that offer because you're still gonna write that offer in lieu of being able to see the property. And then you go out and you look at the privacy hoof. Yeah, they were way off on these pictures. Then you say, Connor, I don't want to proceed. Then Connor makes it happen where you cancel and you still get your deposit back. So nothing's been lost except a little bit of time, but that little bit of time gave you a lot of knowledge going through that experience. So that's how they're being shown or being approached in a lot of ways. But the ones that we can actually see in person, we will. But first, we're going to exhaust all possibilities online and we can always fall back on the fact that the agent made, he had a crappy virtual tour, couldn't see very well, the pictures weren't great. So that's why we had to go in person. So then I'll call and I'll schedule those and you'll bring your masks, you'll bring your gloves. Um, if the property has new carpet and stuff like that, and they're going to mandate booties, usually they will have booties at the property. It has ended. The order hasn't been given that sellers need to be responsible for having in gloves and face masks as of this date. But they all responded to have for having their agent post a warning warnings upon the door such as this.

Connor MacIvor Santa Clarita home expert realtor (17:30):

So that's one of the warnings you'll see. And basically it says all visitors to the property must abide by the following rules where a protective face mask, wash your hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer. So with that one, you know where you get it. Do you bring it with you? I have. This is my car and I have this one in my car as well. So I have both of these in my vehicle and it does. I use them. You know when I need to a, my clients need to use them. They use them as well. I wear gloves. Uh, something that is commonplace, more and more common. I don't see it a lot out at the grocery stores,

Connor MacIvor Santa Clarita home expert realtor (18:19):

but when it comes to showing real estate, that's important. And then you're going to want to practice social distancing by keeping yourself at least six feet between you and others. And don't gather in groups. Don't touch surfaces. All persons on property for in-person showings should avoid touching knobs, faucets, countertops, light switches, and other such items after viewing, discard any disposable gloves, masks, or shoe coverings worn during the visit. Now here's the final disclosure on this. If you are currently afflicted with or within the last 14 days, have been in contact with somebody afflicted with covert 19 or have had any symptoms such as fever, cough, or difficulty breathing. Please do not enter the property.

Connor MacIvor Santa Clarita home expert realtor (19:11):

Tough to hold people to things like that. But there it is. Okay, so that's how properties are shown. We take you out, we look, it has changed quite a bit sometimes seller now sellers are now mandating that you pre-approved with their lender before going in or at least show them your preapproval letter. Why that, you know, they just don't want to have themselves exposed to somebody that might just be out there kicking the tires that just want to look and the, we see a lot of that on Sundays, Saturdays during


open houses. These are a lot of people that just want to look, they're not interested, but that's what those are for, right? And the first 10 people that drove, but also all your neighbors, they're going to come in there to see what you got. How'd you decorate, you know, what are you doing?

Connor MacIvor Santa Clarita home expert realtor (19:58):

And then they want to get the gossip. Why are you selling? What's going on? Is everything okay, so that's, that's the open houses are the regular straight? Again, all those have been called up. Finally, the way that this works, we have SCV that's our edge program. I haven't decided yet whether I'm going to build a formal site. This is a redirect into one of the pages in our Santa Clarita home experts' website. SAV edge is our give-back program and not just because of covert 19 but because I don't pay into the real estate syndication websites or paper click advertising, Facebook ads, Twitter, none of that. What I do, instead of giving that to them, hoping that they'll send me leads and clients, I give it back to you, so that's the STV edge program. Whether you're a seller, a buyer, I do that system, that program.

Connor MacIvor Santa Clarita home expert realtor (20:49):

All you have to do is register on our site or contact me directly and I'll include you into the program. It's exclusive. I'm the only one with it because I'm the one that came up with it as CV S C V stands for Santa Clarita Valley and edge. I think I've been over this today like a knife sandwich but it gives you the edge, the real estate edge. I've caught her MacGyver. Thanks so much for tuning in for today's show. I am going to pull this audio out from the video that maybe you're watching. If you haven't seen the video, go to Santa Clarita, home forward slash blog and you'll be able to see this as well. I'll be with you during the week with several articles that I have slotted to be written by yours truly to helping buyers and sellers of real estate and then I'll be back with our official Santa Clarita real estate update this following week and we'll still be in may at that time. The one after that will be June, but we'll be closing out the main numbers that hopefully I'll have some good data to be able to show you. Uh, with regard to how Cove in 19 is currently still impacting the real estate market, but not as big as they thought. They thought it was going to kill it, not killing it, still working. Well, Connor MacGyver reached out when you're ready. Over and out.