The new thing, besides showing you how to work out at home during the pandemic while keeping with social distancing mandates, is how the Santa Clarita real estate offices operate during the COVID19/Coronavirus issue.

We at the Santa Clarita home experts have always been technologically advanced when it comes to client representation, virtual showings, online marketing, and advertising and we have the number one Santa Clarita real estate blog - just google it!

During the Coronavirus, we want to keep in Santa Clarita home expert tradition by ensuring you all that we are taking this very seriously.

Just for the record - I wanted to let you know about some real estate business practices that we have had all along, but are using more during this time than in the recent past.

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What has changed since the virus was announced and lockdown started?

You have probably seen everyone's home work out plan. 

You also have seen memes galore.

You have probably also seen all of the people who have been given new life regarding their businesses.

They, just like me, are telling you how they are going to serve your needs during this trying time.

The fact of the matter is there is not a business owner who would tell you differently.

Imagine if we were to tell you that we aren't going to comply with the basic safety statutes regarding the contagion.

For example, we promise to keep close to you in all of our contacts. We will also insist you touch all surfaces in the home as we show it to you to ensure you develop that buyer/home connection.

I promise to ensure that we meet in person and remain in close proximity during the entire real estate scenario and presentation.

I won't employ any virtual showings of homes because I think that is lazy and impersonal.

Can you imagine?

Real Estate - the last thing on your mind, except for...

During this time, real estate is the last thing that most are thinking about. 

Except when it comes to the homeowners. Those who own real estate are considering making the calls to delay the next mortgage payment on your primary residence or on your investment properties.

If you are considering delaying your mortgage payments, you need to know that there are a couple of different types.


If you're a property/homeowner


Borrowers of federally-backed mortgage loans can request a loan forbearance on their payments (without penalties, fees, or interest) for at least 180 days. Multi-family borrowers may request a similar forbearance for up to 30 days. 

In addition, foreclosures on similar mortgage loans are prohibited for at least 60 days and evictions from properties related to several federal programs are also prohibited for a 120 day period. 

Santa Clarita covid19 home showings and home viewing during the corona virusSomething to also know is if you are one who has a mortgage that is not Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, still call your mortgage holder and ask them if they have any relief at this time.

What you tell them is up to you. However, you will want to protect your credit, first and foremost.

If they tell you that all is good and you can go the next four months without making a single mortgage payment, you will want to get that in writing that it's not going to hit your credit report and be reported as being late.

I know that is silly, why would a financial institution lie to you? It's not that they are lying, it has to do with some automation that is in place.

If there is not a payment credited to your account at the bank, the system generates, due to its programming, a late fee and reports you to the credit bureaus.

It is not a human being pressing the button, it's completely automated.

To undo all of the various automations at the bank would be very hard and require someone with a lot of smarts.

It's like un-ringing a bell - tough and near impossible.

Hence, most of these financial institutions are going to have their phone lines jam-packed with people calling who have been reported to the credit bureaus. It will be able to be fixed at that point, but It's going to take your time.

Time is money and time is valuable. Know this going in.

The late fee is something else that is automatically added per the programming of the bank's computers.

Those fees, if they are to be forgiven when this is all over and when repayment is agreed upon, will most likely be removed as part of the agreement, but it also will take your time to do so.

Once this is over, the large financial institutions are going to be overwhelmed due to their own inability to reprogram their mainline computers to handle something that was unexpected.

I'm sure this is going to change the way business is done in the future.

Maybe with the advent of systems that are much more easily changed by the powers that be to allow for forbearance and other loan modifications due to acts of God, environmental and other disasters.

The big question is how this is going to impact real estate

There are not many people who want to buy a home without first viewing it in person.

There are not many home sellers who are excited about showing their home to buyers at this time.

Vacant homes are being shown, but with a certain amount of reluctance by home buyers and their real estate agents.

Procedures to show a Santa Clarita home:

  • Hand sanitizer either provided by the home seller, agent or by the home buyer to be used
  • Put on Gloves by the front door
  • Re-apply hand sanitizer to the outside of the gloves provided
  • Place on Booties by the front door
  • Facemasks brought by the home viewers
  • Reminders not to touch anything
  • Don't touch faces
  • Keep your distance
  • Don't touch anything inside, don't lean or brush up against any part of the home
  • One person inside per rotation only
  • The agent stands by the front door and if owner-occupied owners are not at home
  • Pets are not present or crated and placed somewhere where they cannot be infected

After showing procedures:

  • Reapply hand sanitizer
  • Booties are placed in receptacle outside of home provided by the home seller
  • Gloves are removed and placed in the same receptacle provided by the home seller
  • Reapply hand sanitizer
  • Reminder to not touch your face

After the pandemic is brought into control homes and real estate sales will resume where they left off.

This is the great market pause and will be more stock market related than real estate related.

When one goes down the other gets stronger.

Interest rates will remain low throughout the 2020 election. 

Once people get back to work we will see another minor increase in coronavirus cases and deaths.

This increase of covid19 is primarily because the lack of person to person contact changing and workplaces being frequented for the first time in a long while.

As far as the real estate market, I'm confident that we will be "business as usual" when we get to the third month proceeding the CoronaVirus announcement that we are to go about our business as usual.

I'm Connor with Honor and I'm happy to be of great service to you and yours regarding all of their real estate needs in the Santa Clarita Valley cities.

When you are ready please reach out to me personally and I'll take great care of you.

Visiting and searching on our Website - - you will see that I have chosen to have you register to search for homes and real estate.

Don't worry, I'm the only person who is going to see your personal and private information. I also promise you that I will not use it against you or use it to bother you.

I trust when you are ready you will see the Santa Clarita home experts are the best real estate representatives for you when it comes to Santa Clarita real estate.