There are a lot of real estate agents that have very diverse backgrounds.  I know a real estate agent that served 20 years as a Trauma Nurse in Bakersfield before starting a real estate career over 20 years ago.  I know another local real estate agent that was a contractor with his own construction company that did roofing.

With the first agent - if something happened of a life threatening emergency while you were viewing homes with them, you'd probably survive.  If you were viewing homes with the second agent, the roofer, you would know the exact condition of all of the roof's with regard to the homes you were viewing with them.

Those are definite bonuses.  I suppose each and every real estate agent brings different skills and backgrounds to the table when representing their own real estate clients.

Santa Clarita real estate agentsHaving said that I know real estate agents that have been real estate agents since they were 18 years old.  I realized the same things with that as when I worked with police officers that were 21 years of age while I was in my mid 30's.  No filter and no life experience.  But we all have to learn somewhere right?

Dealing with an X-Cop, 17 years regular and 5 years as a full line reserve with the LAPD has it's bonuses too.  However, in all three circumstances each of these agents should be striving to be the best in what they do. They should be constantly learning, re-fining, brushing up and writing about their clients victories and failures.

This is for the betterment of the groups in the world that want to get more intel about real estate and who want to figure out how this "housing thing" works.

Selecting a real estate agent is important.  Being aware of what any current real estate market is about is important also.  When we represent clients, we want to start at the beginning with everyone.  We want our clients, or those interviewing, to start off in our offices to discuss their needs.

We then want to break down the current real estate market so they get a better idea of what to expect in the local real estate arena.  We also want them to be educated on what types of questions to ask a real estate lender to keep them safe from harm.

The "running of interference" thing should be big with all agents.  Knowing what flaws to look for with regard to roofs should be common knowledge with those that are selling things with roofs.  Basic Medical sustain-ment should be something that everyone knows that are making it their business of dealing with clients, showing properties and driving clients around with them in their cars.

We always want our clients to have interviewed multiple real estate agents.  It shows shows many different sides of real estate and you will find those that you are most comfortable with.  It's also very honoring when we are selected from the group - for sure.

Be Safe - Search well and let us know when you are ready to interview our Real Estate Team at Paris911 with REMAX of Santa Clarita.