The question comes to us by Jenny Smith of Sacramento California. Her question is in reference to using listing agents, could that be the biggest mistake a buyer could possibly make?

These are the facts, the listing agent is in a signed contract with the seller. The listing agent knows the sellers bottom line. The listing agent knows the sellers true motivation and why they want to sell their home, condominium or town home.

As a buyer, unless you have a buyer broker agreement with your real estate agent, you are not under a signed contract.

Therefore, from the start, the listing agent has you in a position of advantage. In law-enforcement combat training to have someone in a position of advantage over you means they are more effectively able to counter and be the aggressor.

When you hire your own representative, That agent that is on your team and your team alone. By this very action, you'll have now put yourself in a position of advantage over the listing agent and the seller.

Of course, we love to sell our sellers listings ourselves. But it depends on the seller, whether they are comfortable with the fact that we know their bottom line.

When we are representing both the seller and the buyer on a single real estate transaction, we know both the sellers bottom line and the buyers maximum amount that they are able to spend.

Finally, it's going to come down to how much you trust your chosen real estate professional. Having our backgrounds securely fastened in law-enforcement, makes us question more than most people in the world. By getting the best representative you could possibly find, that will put your best interest above and beyond their own, is not easy with regard to real estate services.

Do yourself a favor, watch Google, watch Bing, look at yelp, find that real estate agent that will best represent you.

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