One of the things that is always talked about is real estate.  That seems to be a topic more popular than the stock market because there are not as many people that "do" the stock market as own homes.

Interest rates going up up and awayMakes Sense - So, we have a lot of talk about the interest rates that have risen a point of 1% since January of 2013.

Are they going to continue to rise or are they going to be stable for a while so our real estate market can continue the road to recovery?

Any body's guess is probably good - but I have a feeling they cannot get too far out of control or we are going to experience another shift back to a Buyers Market.

When that happens homes will be sitting on the market for much longer time frames and the buyers in the world are going to be able to undercut seller's prices.

The sellers will then realize what is going on and will take less than their list price in a fast way.  This will occur because sellers know there is competition and the first to lower or be more malleable to the buyers offering is going to sell faster.

There,you have it - please let us know when you are ready to move and enjoy our latest YouTube Video.

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