While these are not the best words to use about our local Real Estate market - I am sure some of the buyers in the world would be glad to hear that someone in the business knows what's up.

Those in the local real estate market, that are wanting to buy real estate also know what's up. In fact, we have reports stretching from sea to shining sea that inventory is horrible everywhere. Paris911.com/casestudies

Here are some local examples with regard to the past and current inventory for Valencia CA:

Local Santa Clarita real estate agents

November 16, 2007, Valencia California Zip Codes 91355 and 91355 had four hundred and four-teen units for sale amongst both Single Family Residence and the Condo/town-home variety.

At the all time low in the real estate market back to mid 2007 - there has not been such Low inventory in Valencia California as there was February 1, 2013 - that is where the inventory was at 89 units for sale.

That is more than a 1/4 reduction in available inventory and homes for sale. That is remarkable and the Buyers know this better than most. Paris911.com/ValenciaRealEstate

We have placed this same interactive graph at your fingertips so you can see for yourself the horrible inventory if you don't believe me :) - then have a look for yourself. Paris911.com/valenciainventory

Where is the relief going to come from? Where can you find relief? What about the children, who is going to keep them safe? :)

Hire a local real estate that can guide you through this mine field that we call real estate in Santa Clarita California. Paris911.com/local