On Behalf of Rodney and Patty - posted on Yelp within one of the "filtered results".Proactive Santa Clarita real estate agents

Real clients of the Paris911 Team, while they are not big yelpers, as yelp wants, they are totally great clients and now friends.

Any Realtor would Blessed to have them!

Connor and Paris helped us find a house that was perfect for us. Not only that, they were able to close a short sale for us in less that sixty days!  It was a great experience working with them and I would recommended them to anyone in the Santa Clarita area that is looking to purchase a home. We were first time buyers and they made us feel comfortable and informed every step of the way! I am very grateful to them for all the time that they spent with us helping us find a home that would not only be within our budget but is in a great neighborhood. I am very grateful to them for all they did for us and couldn't be happier!

I remember this short sale, it was one of those that we were "deliberately" hunting.  Meaning, we knew that Rodney and Pat needed to close within two months.

With the lacking Santa Clarita Inventory, I had my buyers agents, along with myself, start looking at the "non traditional" real estate inventory.

Calling around on Short Sales that had been in the process for a while, in an attempt to find one that was teetering and one that maybe falling out of escrow.

Instead of waiting for the listing to enter the internet sites or to become active with the board of realtors, we took a proactive approach and started to make the calls, email and blast the other agents in our Top Agents in SCV networking groups.

We found one on the third days of calls - It works...