This is a copy of a letter I sent to Kabuki commending their Staff and Management:

"Paris, myself and our two boys eat at the Local Kabuki in Valencia CA - probably more than most do - at least twice a week we dine in and do "take-out" a couple of more times per week.

Most of the staff knows us on sight and they also know where we like to sit, our eating and our drinking preferences.Kabuki sushi
It reminds me of that TV show years ago called "Norm's" - Where "everyone knows your name".

We have a lot of very good memories of eating at Kabuki - with the most recent being our dining experience on January 5, 2011.  We went later than usual and sat in our usual section, at the back of the restaurant in one of the booths next to the rear windows.

We drank, ate and had a very pleasurable time with the staff and our family.

The next day Paris, my wife of over 20 years, was looking through her purse to discover that her wallet was missing.  We went through the usual steps, searching outside, in the car, inside of the home and in jackets - but were unsuccessful in finding it.

Retracing our steps caused Paris and I to call Kabuki - Kevin, the manager, answered the phone.  We know Kevin from our past visits to Kabuki.  He was pleasant, after we informed him of our dilemma - he searched and informed us it had not been recovered.

He took our phone number and told us if it turned up, he'd call.  Thinking the worse, we started to call our credit card companies to have them cancelled and get new ones.  These steps would have been extremely time consuming, our business is Real Estate and it is a "time consuming" endeavor - We are with REMAX and have formed a Local Real Estate Team Known as Paris911.

Painfully, I started to make the phone calls.  As I was about to be connected with the representative from one of our banks - Kevin called Paris.  He said that the wallet was found.  I was in my car in the next few minutes and on my way to Kabuki.

It was not about the contents, however valuable, the wallet itself was worth in excess of 1K.  Just the sheer code demonstrated by it's un-touched return is to be commended.

We are impressed with the staff's attention to duty in the turning in of the wallet, Kevin's attentiveness to our needs and their coupled representation of The Kabuki Corporation.  It was a true Blessing to Paris and I.  It was also the nexus of this lengthly email as to allow me to report the "positive" incident."