hidden homes and pocket listings in Santa Clarita and Los Angeles real estate

Good day everyone, I'm Connor MacIvor with REMAX Gateway and the Santa Clarita home experts. Today I want to tell you what I know about a new MLS category that is very restrictive.

In fact, the only way you are going to see these real estate listings is to hit me up or already have a real estate agent who is working hard for you.

The fact of the matter is that the local Board of Realtors in conjunction with the NAR and CAR, National Association of Realtors, and the California Association of Realtors, has devised a way to get the agents back in control of the listing data.

They went out and were able to obtain the seller's listing from them, so they should be able to publish that data without having to worry about it being taken from the real estate syndication websites.

I want to say that if you are searching on my Santa Clarita home experts' website, you are going to see the "coming soon" real estate listings. However, that is not true.

I am not allowed access. Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, and the other real estate websites don't have access either.

The only place you will see them is to have me set up a search for you directly from the Multiple Listing Service Website.

When you are ready, I only need your criteria. What are you looking for in real estate within the Santa Clarita Valley?

Let's start with a few easy questions:

Price range?

What city or cities are you interested in living in?

What type of home are you looking for? Single-family, condo, townhome, or something else?

Is the location important? Close to freeways, schools, restaurants, shopping, etc.?

What about the numbers of bedrooms? Are you wanting at least three or more?

The configuration of the residence - Bedroom downstairs, bathrooms including a full bathtub, entertainers sized yard, private swimming pool, dog run, community pool, No Home Owners Association, Low to no Mello roos or special assessments, etc? - give it all to me.

I will have more questions for you when the time comes for me to build the email search.

When you are ready. I'll be here. Thanks for taking the time to read about the coming soon real estate listings. To access them just call me or save your home search on Santa Clarita home experts, my website and I'll reach out to you.

PDF for coming soon real estate listings presentation

Coming soon real estate listings in Santa Clarita (00:00):

Coming soon listings, what are they, how do they work? Have you seen this good for everybody? I am Connor MacGyver, Santa Clarita, home experts, local agent headquartered out here in Santa Clarita Valley. Of course, Santa Clarita Valley. If you're not aware is the next city just North of the city of Los Angeles in the San Fernando Valley. So we are very, very close. We do operate in full real estate functionality in the San Fernando Valley, of course, other areas in Southern California as well. But I am Connor MacGyver. My offices are located in Santa Clarita Valley, and today's going to be a presentation on coming soon, real estate listings, something that was implemented recently as of the 1st of May, 2020 something that you need to know about. If you happen to be one of those online purveyors of real estate syndication websites, knowing that they don't get the data, the only way you can get this, I'm not even on Santa Clara, home experts.com my website. Coming soon real estate listings in Santa Clarita

(00:54): You have to actually go directly through me to see these coming soon listings as real estate inventory. And that's going to put these listings and agents can take up to 21 days to have a coming soon listing reflect is active on the market. So prior to that, it can be in the coming soon category. Like I said, for 21 days, if you are somebody looking for real estate and you have been searching online, you're going to be missing a good, fair share of listings because agents are starting to use the coming soon category, more and more frequently, something that you need to be aware of, that it does exist. And in fact, you're not going to see it on your Zillow's out there. You're true as your red fence, even remax.com. You're only going to see this by connecting with that local real estate expert, that local agent, having them send you the listings that fit your criteria and including in that stream, the coming soon properties. Coming soon real estate listings in Santa Clarita

(01:49): Then after that, you'll be able to contact your agent and have your agent get those listings set up to be shown potentially when they do hit the market is active. So you'll be first in line. I'm Connor MacGyver. That is a quick rendition of what coming soon listings are and how that clear cooperation policy works. If you're seeing these listings, other than in your email stream from your agent, that agent happens to be in violation. According to the board of realtors here with the Southland regional I'm Connor MacGyver. When you're ready, please reach out to your agent. Or if you don't have one reach out to me and I'll get you set up with those coming soon listings in Santa creative Valley, greater Los Angeles and other areas across Southern California. I'm, of course, Connor MacGyver, your host, Santa Clarita home experts. Thank you so much for taking the time to listen. Be in touch.