When Paris and I got our start in real estate back in 1998, we were at a couple of different real estate companies.  I was with Gold Star Realty in Encino.  Under the excellent Broker Frank Tamiz.  He was stellar as far as brokers go.  They are still in business today. Real Estate coldwell banker

Shortly after our start, We went With Coldwell Banker Vista Realty in Valencia Ca.  I remember Norm Cox, Joann Byrd and Pam green, some were managers and some were guides.  Paris was told quite frequently told that she was going to be awesome, but when people tell you that, you don't take it to heart.

Today, reflecting on our Real Estate business, I cannot help but compare it with being an LAPD officer for over 17 years with a current stint as a LAPD reserve officer.  From the time when I was very young, LApD was my Goal.  I wanted it more than anything else in the world.

My achievement with the LAPD hiring me took place 10/09/1990.  I remember that first day very well.  A black line on the Gym of the Elysian Park police academy.  That black line was going to turn us mice into men.  Names like McGannon, Madelena, and Quinones - were some of those that I remember most.  We have had a few of our class die as well.  Suicide, cancer and plane crashes.  They have taken their toll.  But the majority of Class of 10-90 lives on.

Representing our clients with Real Estate has been a very Freeing Experience.  We have been able to do things that others in our real estate industry could not do.  Including making Paris911 a well known brand within all of the Law Enforcement circles.  LAPD, LASD, CHP, LA Co Fire, LAFD, FAM's, FBI, DOT, CIA amongst others.

We want to give the data you desire.  The most relevant real estate information possible.  Let us know how and when we can help you!