buying real estate in Santa Clarita

When showing homes - depending on who the client it - Walk in closets, or at least well organized closets make a world of difference to the potential buyer.  In fact, so much so, they mention it almost on all accounts.  When we do our "Santa Clarita Listing Agent" walk through of a home we have various items that we bring to the surface and advise our sellers that will increase their home's value.

Our Santa Clarita Listing and Seller inspection works on all property levels.  Single family residences, Condo's and Town-homes.  You'd be surprised what buyers think when viewing properties.  However, an agent that is not actively showing properties day in and day out will not have their finders on the pulse of the average Real Estate Buyer.

When it comes to selling real estate, your closets might be more important than you think. Of course sellers should know how important it is to clean and de-clutter a home, let’s just hope that doesn’t mean you are shoving everything into the closets and drawers in your home. A potential buyer will open every door and drawer in your home, what they see when they peer inside is essential to a good impression.

Closet organizers are everywhere theses days. Most people have heard of California Closets, but stores from the Container Store and Target to Home Depot and Lowes have great organizers and options for home owners to spruce up their own closets as well. There is absolutely no doubt that the more clean and organized spaces within a home are, the more user friendly they look to a potential buyer.

Take steps to improving the look of your closets by looking online, at magazines, and at your most organized friend’s home. There is inspiration to be had, and you will not be disappointed for making changes to the smallest, yet sometimes the most important, spaces in your home!

Find out how much your home is worth with a professional Competitive Market Assessment - We do those too :-)

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