You don't have to be a HTML author to appreciate the coding language of HTML5. In fact, far from a rocket scientist am I - but I do appreciate a good piece of code.

Code is what makes the internet work. The better the code the more it can lift in shorter snippets.

Soundcloud allows for your show's embedding into blog posts and websites. HTML5 is the key because it is not flashed based. Flash based embeds don't work on Apple products. They don't work on iPads and iPhones. The other types of apple computers allow the user to download a driver so flash will work.

Anyway, to get beyond all of this stuff HTML5 enters the picture. If you want to see an example of HTML5 - I have embedded one of the Sound Cloud Podcasts just below this text.

Another thing - you might want to consider, is hitting all of the senses(or at least as many as possible) when writing about your business. Talk about how it smells, how it looks, how it sounds, how it feels and tastes. That would be what you want to focus on so you can engage the viewer, reader, listener, smeller, taster or feeler :)

Nothing in Real Estate is ever by chance. We talk to our clients as if they are our friends. We want everyone to get a fair shake. We want everyone to know as much as we know about real estate if at all possible.

That should be the same "learning" presentation you give to your potential clientele. Become a teacher and you will find that your business starts growing in leaps and bounds.