When buying a home it's better to be prepared

Cops forget too!!!

With a lot of the clients that we represent being police officers, deputy sheriff's and California Highway Patrol Officers, they still need constant reminders about doing their due diligence when it comes to buying a home with our Team.

We always have the same advice.

Seek out the "Chatty Kathy"...

Before you get too deep into escrow, you owe the neighbors a door knocking.  If you knock on enough of the neighboring doors, you are bound to find the "chatty Kathy" of the neighborhood.  When you do you will hear about everything you have ever wanted to know about that specific neighborhood and somethings you didn't.

Contact local Law Enforcement

The other thing we suggest to our Santa Clarita real estate buyers is for them to make a call to the local Law Enforcement Entity.

In the case of the Santa Clarita Valley cities - this would be the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department.  If our clients are buying in the City limits of Los Angeles, it would be the Los Angeles Police Department and so on.

Recon the HOOD...

When choosing a home safety matters. While certainly a home should be safe, the neighborhood should be as well. Safer neighborhoods mean more stable property values and a stronger investment for a home buyer. When looking to buy Santa Clarita Valley homes in an area or neighborhood that you are unfamiliar with considering doing a little detective work.

The fastest way to finding out crime statistics for any given area is to head down to the local police station. Theft, petty theft, gang violence, and the like can bring home values down if rates are high. Another great investigative tool would be speaking with residents and business owners in a neighborhood can also be helpful. Safety sells and investing in a home that has a higher probability of selling when the time comes is an integral part of buying a home.

A Local Realtor is the key

Working with an experienced REALTOR should reveal a plethora of information about market conditions, neighborhood amenities, crime rates, education and so much more. Sit down with your REALTOR today and discuss your priorities as well as your needs in both a home and a location.

We are always wanting to meet with those that are interested in real estate to give them the happenings when it comes to the current market.  The best ways in which to hire a Realtor and how to take advantage of any real estate market.  These topics are all presented to our prospective clients during our Santa Clarita REMAX Real Estate Crash Course.