We had a move a couple of years ago, so this post is very timely.  The one thing I found most interesting is how many "affiliate" moving representatives are populating the internet for a cut or a "lead referral" fee.

If you know how to write - then you can make money. Not just with publishing a book - but with selling another's product or service.

Enter stage left - the affiliate Mover marketer.  When we were trying to move, I started my Search on the Internet.  You know what I found?  A ton of companies that are "lead selling" to Moving Companies. Do you know how much these companies will pay for these "leads"?  I don't either, but I know it is enough for the "lead selling" company to employ a full staff of SEO masters and content marketers.

That is why when you are searching for Moving Companies - Page 1 of Google is loaded with those types of companies.

Where is the "brick and mortar?" I love the Local Moving Company.  Some are not capable of an across country move, but we were looking to move 7.2 miles - not 720.

Our experience was terrible and I did not know the first thing about being able to "negotiate" for damages after the move was concluded. Try calling this one in, when after you have completed the move, and find out that your big screen, that you unpacked a couple of days later, was scratched in a Bad Way. I also bought the movers lunch - apparently this was so rarely done it was offensive.  Yes, I still tipped, as I thought was appropriate, and the lunch had no impact on the amount I tipped.

Having it to do over - I would make sure who I called or emailed on the internet was a local Mover.  I would also want to know if they had a location I could respond to and a person I could speak with (in person). Even if I was looking for a mover elsewhere - this would be my "verification" process.

What might be a better start for your Relocation? Contact an agent - a single point of contact that you can start the accountability process with.  Real Estate agents are, or should be, very well connected.  The agent should be able to make your move very easy.  Giving you names and numbers of their personal connections with Moving Company owners.  They should be able to give you information on Schools, rentals, leases, and all of the information you will need when relocating. In fact, a Good Relocation Real Estate Agent will give you information that you will need but did not know to ask for!

Do you want to know some simple tips to choose a Relocation Specialist?

  • Google for Relocation Agents in ___(insert city name here)___. Be Careful - some of the sites that will hit at the top are "lead generation" re-sellers for Real Estate agents...  A Rant on this in a later post!
  • Make sure the sites you are viewing, are direct agent sites and have a phone number you can call in the "banner".  It should be easy to find and it should be a "local" number.  Toll Free numbers scare me and are Number Traps a lot of the time (we are talking about selling leads again...)
  • Call the Agent and leave a message - if they pick up the phone, they just scored a Huge Advantage.  Talk with them and make sure they are "the agent".
  • Ask them if they can be of assistance and tell them what you want to do.
  • If they sound like they know what they are talking about - then have them prepare what they will do in writing and send it to you in an email. (I love accountability).

That should be one heck of a start - When Relocating - BE Careful - If you have any questions and we are not going to profit in any way except "good wishes and positive thoughts from you", that's fine - Call me and I will run the Recon for you. :-)