santa clarita real estate market

Dec. 7, 2020

December 2020 Santa Clarita real estate market update

Santa Clarita real estate market December 7 2020Thanks for taking the time and may I be so bold as to say that the market hasn't been so restrictive in real estate inventory during the entire history of the "accountable" real estate market in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Looking via the Multiple Listing Service records, the data ...

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Sept. 21, 2020

Part 1 and 2 Santa Clarita home Experts real estate news market update September 21, 2020


The Santa Clarita real estate home buyer and home seller inquiries online are plagued by real estate lead generation platforms.

They are charging the agents through their teeth when it comes to them paying for the leads they are generating.

What if an agent is not willing to pay ...

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Sept. 3, 2020

Best Santa Clarita home experts update and market news September 3, 2020, plus a bonus Foreclosure update video

Scroll down for the bonus - Is a Foreclosure Market Upcoming?

Here is the transcription from today's Santa Clarita real estate update. When you are ready, please connect with me and I'll take great care of you and yours. I'm Connor with HONOR and I'm glad to ...

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July 29, 2020

Record LOW Santa Clarita real estate inventory less than 290 homes for sale in all SCV! Ep: 2020-210

The Bottom of Santa Clarita real estate inventory thus far...

Bottomed out Santa Clarita real estate inventory in the local housing market

PDF for Santa Clarita real estate market update 2020-210

Santa Clarita home market update and real estate (00:00):

So I tried to fix the lighting problem, and this is what we get. So we're gonna, we're going ...

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June 19, 2020

Santa Clarita real estate inventory lowers and closing costs negotiation update


The Santa Clarita real estate market is very alive these days, even with all the unrest in the world, we cannot seem to keep over 400 residential units for sale to save our lives.

That is a great thing for the home sellers in Santa Clarita Valley. Their homes ...

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April 27, 2020

20 Percent increase in Santa Clarita housing inventory for sale and other updates 2020-118 by the experts

Santa Clarita real estate market update for April 27, 2020

"Hey this is Connor, Real Quick before you get into this week's real estate radio show and podcast, make sure you go to the home page of our Santa Clarita home experts website or blog and read out how ...

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April 22, 2020

March 2007 versus March 2020 in Santa Clarita real estate

Santa Clarita real estate economic forecast by the Santa Clarita home expert comparing March 2007 to March 2020.

March 2007

March 2007 compared with March 2020 real estate fall and cycleI remember March of 2007 well. It was January of 2007 that I completed my full-time service with the Los Angeles Police Department as a Police Officer. It was also ...

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April 10, 2020

COVID19 update Santa Clarita real estate 2020-101

The Santa Clarita real estate market updateToday is the 101st day of 2020. April 10, 2020, and It's Good Friday. The celebrations are much different for our Lord's ascension than in years past.

I will tell you that as of today we are at 381 homes, condos and townhomes for sale total. I tallied ...

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April 5, 2020

COVID-19 Santa Clarita real estate market impact predictions

The future impact of the coronavirus on Santa Clarita real estateCall them predictions or preparations. What will the impact be of the Coronavirus on the Santa Clarita real estate market in the coming weeks?

In all seriousness, it's going to depend on how many people will be affected and for how long.

I see this as a two-part problem ...

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April 1, 2020

Santa Clarita real estate daily news April 1, 2020

Good Day everyone - I am Connor MacIvor with The Santa Clarita home experts at Re/MAX Gateway.

During this week - as we had Monday not fall on the first - I had uploaded a massive real estate radio show that is pushing 25 minutes and has all of the information you ...

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