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Oct. 24, 2019

Taking advantage of the Heroes in Santa Clarita real estate Top 5 Hero Program provider questions

I caught a visual on the way to the office this morning. It was an advertisement offering services to heroes.

It brought a flood of memories back to my LAPD days. While I was a cop, I was also viewed as a Hero.

I remember it often being spoken about ...

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Oct. 4, 2019

Interest rates and market adjustment making Santa Clarita real estate more affordable

Santa Clarita real estate market and newsUpdated 10/04/2019. Back in 1990 - I started the Police Academy in Los Angeles on 10/09/1990.

I'll never forget that crisp morning when I showed up to stand on the black line in a suit to get yelled at by strangers.

Nothing could have been more ...

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Sept. 2, 2019

The market is stuck in gear by the Santa Clarita Home Experts

Monitoring the Santa Clarita real estate marketThe movement of real estate within the Santa Clarita Valey and other Southern California is like we have gotten stuck in the mud while in gear. 

Of course, a little pressure applied to the accelerator may fix this problem, unless what we are stuck in is too thick.

The ...

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Aug. 31, 2019

Santa Clarita open houses who is hosting by the Santa Clarita Home Experts

Santa Clarita and Granada Hills Open HousesWhen you are venturing out on a weekend, because you are in the market to buy a home, and because the "open house signs" are aplenty, who is the host?

This is a good question and another reason for you to hire your very own real estate agent when wanting ...

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Aug. 14, 2018

Top Santa Clarita real estate website is best

Performance when it comes to real estate websites is important. Those who sell these products tout about page load speed, SSL encryption and mobile (HTML5) rendering websites.

They get into details about being able to add content, photographs, and video with ease.

All of these components a good Santa Clarita ...

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Aug. 7, 2018

Home buyers and sellers say real estate most stressful

It's no secret when you are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, it creates stress.

That can be compounded when the agent you are using is not explaining the process.

It can also be compounded when the real estate lender you are using seems to be absent and you ...

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July 24, 2018

What is the number 1 most important thing a Real Estate buyer needs?

You probably thought I was going to say a GREAT and Expert Realtor. That would be the second thing, but first is going to be sure to have a Home Warranty.

In most real estate markets, even in a seller's real estate market, most home sellers are willing to ...

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July 18, 2018

Expert buyers agents for Santa Clarita Home Buyers

Both Paris and I are asked frequently what is a buyer's agent versus a Listing agent within the Santa Clarita real estate channels.

Both are equally good and each title can be used interchangeably. However, if the agent's being described are really sticking to one or the other ...

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June 27, 2018

Santa Clarita home buyers frustrated due to false starts

When the start of the play is executed in football, if a player anticipates the beginning of the play, and steps, they are called offsides and penalties are applied.

In real estate, when a buyer has been searching for a home, and when we go to see it within the hour it ...

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May 21, 2018

Your local Santa Clarita Realtors for your real estate needs

Connor Macivor Santa Clarita Realtor in Real EstateConnor MacIvor, CALBRE 01238257 - Is a full time licensed Realtor who is your Local Real Estate agent in the Santa Clarita Valley - Valencia CA. He comes from humble means and was an LAPD cop who had a dream. He fulfilled that dream when he came out from New Mexico June 17, 1990 ...

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