Santa Clarita market update

April 25, 2021

April 2021 Santa Clarita real estate market update and review

Santa Clarita real estate advice by the expertsOpinions - that are like in some instances what everyone has. You may have heard the "like what" of that statement - if not, I'll save you from the profanity.

Real Estate opinions - they can be self-serving. 

Some agents say buy now because the real estate market is only going ...

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March 10, 2021

Housing inventory in the Santa Clarita Valley, don't let it panic you!

Let's have a real estate paradigm shift, shall we?

Santa Clarita real estate update

Cities of Newhall - Castaic - Stevenson Ranch - Valencia - Saugus - and Canyon Country. Single Family Residences - Active Status only. As of yet, the Santa Clarita real estate market does not seem to be recovering or doing any type of adjustment.

Month Active ...
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March 8, 2021

Should you wait until Santa Clarita home prices come down before buying?

Santa Clarita foreclosure marketLoans and Lending price reductions in the Santa Clarita Valley

If you look at the present Santa Clarita real estate market you will soon realize that this market is very different than the collapse that we had back in 2007.

The foreclosure market in 2007 was about sub-prime lending. Loans ...

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Jan. 26, 2021

2021 real estate's emotional roller coaster, all aboard!

Santa Clarita real estate radio episode #2021-026!


Does it ever stop? So much pressure, it's surprising that anything gets done at all. I remember one of my first bosses speaking in this tone, well, always.

Maybe it was how he was wired. Maybe it was his "Niche phrase ...

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June 22, 2020

Hiring a Santa Clarita listing agent update for the Santa Clarita market 2020-174

Who do you want to hire?

An agent who is representing the home seller or someone who is representing you?

Not a trick question. The agent who is representing the home seller is under contract with that seller or sellers.

If you have your own buyers agent, and if they ...

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May 30, 2020

Updated COVID 19 impact as the Santa Clarita real estate market quarantine dwindles

BONUS: Also, find out who the Santa Clarita real estate market expert is!

The Santa Clarita experts present the weekend update for real estate before you venture out on Sundays to see what happens to be for sale in the neighborhoods you desire.

You do know, as an aside, there ...

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April 11, 2020

What Santa Clarita homes are still selling in real estate episode 2020-102

Sold home recap Santa Clarita real estate news by the expertsSanta Clarita home sales volume report April 11, 2020 - Sold Saturdays by the Santa Clarita home experts.

During the last 180 days, the Santa Clarita Valley has seen 1685 residences sell with new ownership.

Here is the monthly breakdown to give you something to compare the current state of the ...

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Feb. 6, 2020

February 2020 Santa Clarita housing and real estate market update

Inventory in the Santa Clarita Valley cities is entering the housing market in the way of homes that are for sale.

Those numbers have increased a bit during the month of January 2020 but compared with last year, we higher than in inventory numbers for Active Santa Clarita real estate ...

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Nov. 14, 2019

Online scammers bent on selling your personal information Update by the Santa Clarita home experts

PDF for Santa Clarita real estate market update

During the first several months of 2019, it was a great and fast-paced real estate market. We did not have the inventory to make a GREAT showing, but we did have a lot of real estate buyers very interested in our market ...

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April 14, 2019

Top 8 Santa Clarita Home Searches Updated April 14, 2019

Santa Clarita homes for rent

These are always available online when you are conducting a simple google inquiry you will find many websites that will show you the homes that are currently for rent but be careful.

The top websites are syndication sites in nature. They monetize themselves and their ...

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