Santa Clarita market update

Aug. 19, 2019

Buyers slow and rumored recession averted by Santa Clarita home experts

santa clarita real estate marketThe latest Santa Clarita real estate market update will lay to rest the other agents saying that this market is the one to jump into.

In fact, real estate prices are coming down and it's taking longer to sell homes and real estate in the SCV Cities. This has ...

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Oct. 14, 2013

Housing Market Updates for Santa Clarita Cities - Flat like a Pancake

Where is the Santa Clarita marketHere are a few of our Housing Market Reports for the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

By viewing of our reports, you can get an idea as to what you home or real estate might be worth.

If you are a buyer of Santa Clarita real estate, you will deduce quickly ...

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Oct. 12, 2013

Complete Santa Clarita real estate market updates, updated :) and Why I resigned from the LAPD

Valencia CA housing market update

Stevenson Ranch housing market update

Saugus California housing market report

Santa Clarita Housing market Report

Newhall Housing Market Report

Castaic real estate housing market report

Canyon Country Housing Market Report

Acton Real Estate housing market report

LAPD Realtors with Santa Clartia UpdatesNot withstanding some of the true "criminals" in the ...

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Oct. 8, 2013

Santa Clarita Cities Housing market reports in PDF format

We were cops - Enjoy our Santa Clarita systemsThe local housing market reports have been compiled by myself and our Paris 911 team at RE/MAX of Valencia California.

We always work on the housing market reports at the beginning of the week, then we compile the PDFs, into files so we can then publicize them to our ...

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Oct. 7, 2013

Marketing and Advertising of your Real Estate listing very well

BEST in Santa Clarita real estate advertising

Hire Up!

It saddens me when I see a seller that hired a real estate agent or team attempting to advertise their home by themselves.

That is the agent's job, and their Real Estate agent should have the advertising all locked up.

That real estate listing the agent has ...

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Sept. 23, 2013

Updated Santa Clarita real estate "Single Family Residences" housing reports

Word on the street is we are recovering as a real estate market in the Santa Clarita Valley cities.Call the Top Real Estate Team with your questions

That appears to be true. But the loudest voices of discontent are by buyers in the current market that are frustrated with the lacking real estate inventory.

Santa Clarita real estate sales skillsThis is changing each ...

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Sept. 23, 2013

The Latest Santa Clarita housing market update is complete - Condos and town-homes

Market conditions have recently resumed tightening. As the rate of home sales increases relative to the number of homes on the market, the Market Keeping track of the real estate marketsAction Index increases. Even though the MAI is technically in the Seller's zone, prices have not yet started climbing along with the changes in Market ...

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Sept. 10, 2013

Los Angeles County Housing Market Report - 2nd Quarter 2013

We have seen many similarities in the Santa Clarita real estate housing market.  In fact, we just completed our real estate market update reports and have them placed on our Santa Clarita Housing Market website.

Los Angeles housing market 2nd quarter 2013_Page_2 Los Angeles housing market 2nd quarter 2013_Page_3 Los Angeles housing market 2nd quarter 2013_Page_4 Los Angeles housing market 2nd quarter 2013_Page_5 Los Angeles housing market 2nd quarter 2013_Page_6


Here is the PDF with the same files within - Feel free to reach out ...

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Sept. 5, 2013

Could we be seeing the beginnings of a Shift in the Santa Clarita real estate market?

By REMAX of Valencia CA's Paris911 Team of RealtorsSanta Clarita Cities Condo and townhomes

Canyon Country Condos and townhome report

Castaic condo and town-home report

Newhall condo and town-home report

Santa Clarita condo and townhome reports

Saugus CA Condo and town-home report

Stevenson Ranch condo and town-home report

Valencia CA condo and town-home reports

Santa Clarita CA Single ...

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Aug. 26, 2013

Santa Clarita real estate market updates Episode 238A

The Local markets have started a bit of a shift to prices staying steady and, for the first time in a long time, Stevenson Ranch is showing a reduction in housing prices when comparing last week to the week before ...
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