how much is my home worth

Sept. 26, 2013

Don't mess with my YoYo - and the market is flat in most of the SCV Cities


Santa Clarita real estate blogThis is the Haiku Deck embed that we obtained after putting together our Presentation with our iPad.

After we get the market updates, to touch the most people - we take the presentations and share them in SlideShare.  We then create a ...

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Sept. 10, 2013

Los Angeles County Housing Market Report - 2nd Quarter 2013

We have seen many similarities in the Santa Clarita real estate housing market.  In fact, we just completed our real estate market update reports and have them placed on our Santa Clarita Housing Market website.

Los Angeles housing market 2nd quarter 2013_Page_2 Los Angeles housing market 2nd quarter 2013_Page_3 Los Angeles housing market 2nd quarter 2013_Page_4 Los Angeles housing market 2nd quarter 2013_Page_5 Los Angeles housing market 2nd quarter 2013_Page_6


Here is the PDF with the same files within - Feel free to reach out ...

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Aug. 2, 2013

Don't put your Santa Clarita Valley Home on the market - Test it First!!!

Test First before you Sign a Contract

It's a Crazy Real Estate market in the Santa Clarita Valley cities to be sure.

Regarding some residences that are on the market for sale, we have buyers that exceed the appraised value by tens of thousands of dollars, agreeing to pay ...

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July 16, 2013

Could interest rates start causing Doom and Gloom?

One of the things that is always talked about is real estate.  That seems to be a topic more popular than the stock market because there are not as many people that "do" the stock market as own homes.

Interest rates going up up and awayMakes Sense - So, we have a lot of talk about the ...

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May 28, 2013

After Memorial Day and the Stevenson Ranch real estate recap

If you are not watching the daily numbers within our Santa Clarita Valley - you may miss the "why".
This is what I believe, anyone in any craft - being a cop, detective, pharmacist, doctor, attorney, realtor, they should all be very good at real estate daily showtheir craft before I will saddle up with ...
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April 12, 2013

How do you find What Santa Clarita homes are worth?

Some of real estate agents in the world have a very simple data entry page on their website. It says enter the information to get what your home is worth.

The agent will then, armed with the information, pull together some comparables. The comparables are only as ...

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March 22, 2013

Local real estate agents are the best to advise when it comes to how much your home is worth

When it comes to having your real estate home, condo or town-home evaluated to find out how much it is worth and what it could potentially sell for, Local Agents ROCK!

There are several points to be made about the Local Santa Clarita real estate agent.

How to get rolled by real estate agents
  • The Local agent knows ...

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March 22, 2013

Market Snapshot system for finding out what your home is worth - Southern California

When it comes to finding out how much a home is worth, sometimes you can get yourself into trouble.

Get on board of the real estate bus

It could be that your personal information will be sold, traded or otherwise compromised...

However, that is not something you want to happen. Dealing with the local real estate agents can ...

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March 21, 2013

How much is my Southern California Home worth?

Local Southern California real estate agentsA great question - we have the intel you seek, let our Top Producer Systems Home Valuation engine do the work for you.

Some may be using some of the "non local" online platforms to establish the value of their Southern California homes - this is a mistake.

First off - you are ...

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Jan. 30, 2013

Get a Re-Fi, Refinance CMA, competitive market analysis on your Santa Clarita real estate - FREE

CMA stands for a Competitive Market Analysis.  Any real estate agent can do a CMA - but most either cut corners or need to get a positive answer to the question of "What is in it for them".

If you are financing your home, condo or town-home and if it is ...

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