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Oct. 18, 2013

After short selling, bk or foreclosure - how long do you have to wait to buy again

A Great question and answer by my friends at Mortgage Insider. How long do you have to wait if you want through a BK, Foreclosure or Short Sale, before you can buy again.

In some cases - only 1 year, thanks to some necessary changes to get the past "distressed homeowner ...

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Oct. 2, 2013

The Local Santa Clarita CA Paris911 Team presents: 5 Reasons for Buying Real Estate

Why to buy Santa Clarita real estate


Newest 5 Listings for Sale in Valencia CA!!!

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Aug. 26, 2013

What if you don't like the real estate agent you are working with?

Name your Reason...

Maybe they smell funny? - Maybe you don't like the way they speak? - Maybe it's that "hitch in their giddy-up" or the way they make home presentations while showing you properties?

There could be a single reason or occurrence or something that you just cannot get ...

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Aug. 8, 2013

Santa Clarita relocation presents REMAX of Valencia Site Presentation

Presenting the REMAX of Valencia CA Relocation website.  We have developed some pretty cool websites.

All with the sole purpose of assisting our Real Estate clientele with their real estate hunting needs.

There is a two fold test of a real estate website. It is easy to use and is ...

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March 9, 2013

Talking a bit about the systems and home inspections happening in Santa Clarita CA

There are many resources that buyers can find on the internet that help with their relocation needs.Search for all real estate in the Santa Clarita Valley

You can trust some of the relocation websites, but they generally don't do any direct help with your relocation.

In the Santa ...

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March 8, 2013

VA buyers are everywhere - including the Santa Clarita Valley CA - here are somethings you will want to know

The real estate buyers are alive and well. We have been blessed with regard to those in the world wanting to utilize our real estate services.

That brings our REMAX Relocation Team to the forefront of VA buyers.

Santa Clarita VeteransThose that have worked with anyone of our GREAT militaries.  The Army ...

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March 4, 2013

New Santa Clarita real estate inventory - Where is the agent you are hiring to sell your home appearing on-line

Real Estate for sale in the Santa Clarita Valley - these are the new releases.  You can click on anyone of them to get more detailed information - one of the things you are going to want to do is to keep our Paris911 Search systems at your fingertips.

realtors online top of the internet gameYou can do ...

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Feb. 27, 2013

How can the buyers of the world get a break when buying Santa Clarita real estate

Remember the boy scout motto?  Maybe you don't, if you weren't in scouts - but it's "Be Prepared".

That is one of the ways we are keeping our Santa Clarita Valley real estate buyers on top of the real estate procurement and purchasing game.

Besides it being Paris ...

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Feb. 6, 2013

Sell Your Santa Clarita Valley home Sooner Than Later - The 12 transactions a year

selling a home in the Santa Clarita Cities

What does it mean to be a top producing sales agent? - that typically means about 12 real estate transactions a year.  Yes - to tout one as being Top = a Dozen Deals.

While that may not seem like much - that is a "higher than average" number in the real estate representation ...

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Feb. 1, 2013

How to search for Santa Clarita real estate without getting cuffed

Once the handcuffs were on - the game was over.  The bad guy/girl was going to jail.  However, sometimes that did not stop them from kicking, spitting and attempting to "head butt" us every chance they got.

The "innocent until proven guilty" thing was something we knew to be true ...

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