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Oct. 8, 2013

Agents do not need to be scared of FSBO's aka For Sale by Owner properties

Santa Clarita FSBO, For Sale by OwnerSome home owners just want to do it themselves. The same with changing the oil in their cars and installing batteries and brakes, my dad was that way.

I don't think my dad would have sold his own home, but the other things he did himself.

Until one time ...

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Aug. 13, 2013

How can a Real Estate agent get into trouble over Sh*t???

Waste rears it's ugly head :)

CBS news had a story this AM about a C21 agent that is being gone after because of a home they sold.

It appears that the C21 agent was representing a bank on one of their foreclosures.

This is not unusual.  Some real estate ...

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Aug. 2, 2013

Don't put your Santa Clarita Valley Home on the market - Test it First!!!

Test First before you Sign a Contract

It's a Crazy Real Estate market in the Santa Clarita Valley cities to be sure.

Regarding some residences that are on the market for sale, we have buyers that exceed the appraised value by tens of thousands of dollars, agreeing to pay ...

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July 25, 2013

Bring Your SCV Home's Kitchen Outdoors

Being outdoors in Santa Clarita ValleyBring your Santa Clarita home's kitchen outdoors.

While many Santa Clarita home projects and expansions saw cutbacks during the recession some amenities are coming back and coming back strong. One such household amenity is the outdoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen is seen as a huge addition to a home ...

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March 18, 2013

Which Santa Clarita real estate agents are at the top of the SERP's?

Maybe a loaded question - but I did shut off my "personal results" within google when I did a couple of searches.

Connor MacIvor is on Google Plus

Point being, you are going to want to hire local real estate agents that are at the tops of the SERP's - Search Engine Results Pages. If your real estate ...

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March 6, 2013

Specializing in being a Santa Clarita Selling Agent or Home Seller representative

Believe it or not, you don't have to worry as much about a real estate agent that attempts to say your home is worth less than it is.

I think that the agents that will tell you that your home is worth more than it is to get your ...

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Feb. 20, 2013

Prices are continuing to rise in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities - Here is the proof

Paris911 911 is at REMAXWe have been working within the local real estate communities since 1998 and there was another time when we observed prices rising in a "today-like" trend.

That was during the last market before the bursting of the real estate bubble.

Are we headed for another bubble that will pop housing ...

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Feb. 11, 2013

Condo's and Town Home prices are on the rise in Santa Clarita Valley

The Santa Clarita valley Condo market reports are below.  We have also included the Data from the town-homes for the Santa Clarita valley cities as well.

We will have our Santa Clarita homes update for Single Family Residences posted on a separate blog posting, however on the same Paris911_Condos_for_Sale_by_REMAX's_Top_TeamRealtor Site.

What we ...

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Jan. 18, 2013

How to construct a Santa Clarita real estate team

There has been a lot of talk lately on FB about the best tenants, the top practices and the most successful operational ways of the most successful Santa Clarita real estate teams.  I am writing this post in a "City Centered" fashion due to me not knowing the "operational ...

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Jan. 11, 2013

It makes a huge difference where your Santa Clarita real estate agent is frequenting

I'm not talking about bars, dance clubs or the locals that take a fee at the door and a two drink minimum.  We are talking about Real Estate Social Media :)

Do you want your local real estate agent to be a big hit on Facebook?  What about Twitter, do ...

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