July 4, 2018

Santa Clarita and Greater Los Angeles Foreclosure Update

During the past Foreclosure Market and bank owned real estate market in the Santa Clarita Valley CA - After the collapse of the housing market during the end of 2006 and beginning of 2007, we had a lot to speak about concerning the foreclosed and bank owned homes. We quite the ...

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June 3, 2016

Santa Clarita foreclosures and short sales new listings

Santa Clarita Forclosures June 3, 2016

Foreclosures and bank owned real estate are all the buzz, continually. It does not matter the state of the real estate market, distressed real estate listings always get a ton of attention and traffic.

A Normal level of foreclosures and distressed real estate inventory is 1% of the available real ...

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April 20, 2016

Santa Clarita real estate market watch #2016111 Foreclosures

Today is our real estate radio show and update for the Santa Clarita Valley Foreclosures and distressed real estate listings.

Copy and paste the MLS numbers from any of these new real estate listings into the Search Box for real estate at SCVnest.com to see them in all of ...

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Jan. 28, 2015

Current Foreclosure activity and REO update for SCV Cities

Santa Clarita foreclosure home buyers

Shout out to Carl Reese - Santa Clarita home inspector for a job well done this morning. It's nice having a home inspector that embraces technology as does Carl and someone that does not "sugar coat" anything!

Looking at the current market and the activity within - we are currently tracking ...

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Dec. 3, 2014

Today in Santa Clarita Valley we are tracking 323 Distressed Properties

Updated December 3, 2014 - Corresponding Radio Show episode 2014-337

Santa Clarita 291 - pre foreclosures 112 - Auctions 82, bank owned 74, sold to thirds 23Santa Clarita and Stevenson Ranch Foreclosures

Stevenson Ranch Total: 32 - Pre foreclosures 20, auctions 6, bank owned 5, sold to third 1.

Canyon Country Total 100 - Pre foreclosures 30, Auctions 26 ...

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Oct. 25, 2014

Is another Foreclosure Market coming in 2015?

Are foreclosures going to make a comeback in 2015Maybe not one of those "spine tingling" foreclosure markets that we observed after the Bubble Popped back in late 2006 and early 2007, but maybe another Short Sale Market.

Back in 2005 - 10 years ago - from 2015, there we loans written with Balloon Notes that were due at 10 years ...

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June 19, 2014

How to hire a Top Divorce Real Estate Agent in Santa Clarita Valley CA

Santa Clarita real estate divorceWhen people call our real estate team in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities and within the Greater Los Angeles areas, wanting to know about how the best way is to liquidate the real estate they ...

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Dec. 29, 2013

Good news for the Non Investor Foreclosure buyer from Fannie and Freddie

Santa Clarita foreclosure experts

A day late and a dollar short?

I hope they have not put the cart before the horse, but at least they are trying.

It may be  too late because the larger section of the investor populous has pulled back, from purchasing real estate locally, starting in the Fall of ...

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Feb. 8, 2013

Clever Advertisement or BAD advertising? Let me take you home, I'm Beautiful inside...

Sexy real estate advertising:

Real Estate advertising is typically boring.  With statements like, "Top Real Estate agent, Best Team, Voted number 1 agent, etc..."

How can you keep your eye's glued on those ads for long?  The answer is you cannot.  There is not enough "inspiration" to keep anyone ...

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Feb. 3, 2013

What about visiting open houses when Relocating to the Santa Clarita Valley?

Where do you start if you are unfamiliar with the Santa Clarita Valley? With a site that can tell you about the inner workings and the cities here in.

You need a resource to do this very thing. First - start with Wiki - check out the pages for the Santa Clarita ...

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