Oct. 10, 2013

Santa Clarita credit repair accolade

Santa Clarita Credit RepairAround February of this year, Paris and I had 6 short sale clients that were looking to improve their credit score.

Along with the short sales rendering as charg off's on their credit reports, they had other things - such as lates and a couple had issues with someone else ...

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Oct. 9, 2013

Being on Page 1 on Google in between some "not so bad" company

Being listed on Google is a Blessing to our real estate business.Online positioning and SEO

You may be wondering how we were able to achieve page 1 rankings in the organic sphere as it compares to the large real estate syndication websites, as you may be familiar with starting with a Z, T ...

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Oct. 4, 2013

DVD Depot - Transfer those previous memories to DVD or CD

vhs tapes wont work anylongerSanta Clarita VHS Transfer to DVD - Keep those precious memories going strong and don't let your past movies disintegrate...

Today we had a chance to speak with Greg Bajakian.  What a wonderful person.  He is a local business owner that understands the meaning of "charity".

Besides his code being ...

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Oct. 1, 2013

My Google Plus Spin, do you need it and should you care?

I have moved to Google PlusIs Google Plus just another social network or is it a force to be reckoned with?

It has now grown to the second largest social network, surpassing Twitter.

Facebook is still in the lead - it will take a while for G+ to overtake them, but I'd imagine in time ...

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Sept. 12, 2013

If you are in any Service Oriented Industry - 7 steps to keep your clients elated

  • Be AvailableBEST Service for Real Estate Gold Seal
  • Listen More
  • Belittle is to be Little
  • Be Straight
  • No News
  • Contact Methods
  • Don't Pitch

Check out the Slideshare presentation on how to stay in contact with your clients better and how to keep them Loving You Long ...

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Sept. 5, 2013

Content Marketing - The Why and How explained

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Aug. 27, 2013

Search Engine Optimization Radio Show with Al Remetch


Thanks for listening to our Radio show presenting Al Remetch - scroll down for his Google Plus Connection - this is his SEO Super Website - contact him when you are ready!!!

Local SEO Expert SEO Radio Show Show Notes - Rough:

Everyone - that has me in a circle - appears pretty easily - take the real estate ...
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Aug. 21, 2013

Why I think an Intro and Closing Video snippet is important

Besides what most may say that make videos, people don't like watching video intro's that are very long.

The days of the 30 second or 45 second intro video are tapped out.

Most people that are watching - want it short, sweet and to the point.

I am not ...

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Aug. 8, 2013

Slideshare rocks Bing and Yahoo - but there is a method to my maddness

Have you heard of Slideshare? If you have been following me for any length of time on our Santa Clarita business blog, you have heard of it here :)

BTW - not to take you directly to dinner before we meet for coffee - but you can subscribe to our Tips and SEO ...

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Aug. 2, 2013

How are you Pimping your personal Santa Clarita business brand?

I wear shirts with our logos.  I also hand out business cards.  How do you advertise your business while just living?

Local Santa Clarita real estate agents that help local businessesI know you know we are dug in deeper than Alabama Ticks on the internet. This is a venue that Paris ...

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