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Aug. 13, 2019


The longest running real estate show and podcast for Santa Clarita real estate and beyond lives here. I'm Connor MacIvor with RE/MAX Gateway HQ'd in the Santa Clarita Valley, that's Southern California for those of you who are not locals.

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Aug. 21, 2013

Why I think an Intro and Closing Video snippet is important

Besides what most may say that make videos, people don't like watching video intro's that are very long.

The days of the 30 second or 45 second intro video are tapped out.

Most people that are watching - want it short, sweet and to the point.

I am not ...

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June 2, 2013

Time Management will make you a better provider

If you are in a business in the Santa Clarita Valley, the best position in our current market is by being the "only one" in your niche.

Within our real estate business - We represent Police Officers and Deputy Sheriff's, with all of their real estate needs, but we help ...

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April 11, 2013

I have two words to better your business - Pod Cast (or is that one word?) :)

This will explain why you may want to re-think doing a Audio Podcast...

Let's talk for a second - - We have heart to heart talks.

  • We have nothing to sell related to SEO and we are not affiliatesPodcasting audio show by Paris911
  • Recording podcast - wordpress can be easy - get sound hosting - plugins ...
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April 10, 2013

SPAM - how much do you like being added to a list you did not ask for

SPAM, it's not just the other meat any longer.  If you can call it meat.  You know that we used to eat this as kids - and with enough condiments, when mom was frying it, and if you were really hungry - it went down okay.

SPAM has also been used ...

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March 21, 2013

How far does bragging get you and your business?

With the advent of Social Media - and Facebook, - Especially facebook - you can see right through to a person's heart.

Like the Paris911 Team on Facebook

What are they talking about in their stream? Is it all about them? Is about how great they are? Is it about how fantastic they are to be around?

I have ...

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March 20, 2013

How to get leads as a new real estate agent

Talk about a loaded statement, as a real estate salesperson, if you were to approach other agents, especially the more successful ones, they would probably tell you to pound sand if you asked them how they get their leads.

Cuffing one client at a timeUnfortunately, some of the real estate sales people are very cloak ...

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March 12, 2013

Santa Clarita real estate daily show - Podcasting BEST

As part of our real estate methods - we want to provide all of the inte.

We have posted this update as part of our Santa Clarita business blog to keep you up to date as far as the Santa Clarita Valley cities are concerned.

Use this podcast as a guide ...

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March 3, 2013

Why you should be writing and learning how to write better

We like Copy Blogger for this. Join copy blogger for their newsletters - they will teach you

We also know that we write a lot. We learn how to write better. We read what other's are writing and learn from their "mistakes".

Mistakes or not - It is something you need ...

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Feb. 25, 2013

What are the best ways to produce a podcast or local radio show for your clientele

How do we produce podcasts and BTR - Radio shows?

How do you do a business podcastVery carefully :)

First we need to define what a podcast is.  It's an audio file you share with an audience.  Like video, audio is multi dimensional.

However, with audio - the microphone does not add 10 pounds to me - so, sometimes ...

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