REMAX holds more market share

Simply put, REMAX sells more homes in Castaic CA than any other real estate brokerage. I have made that easy to see on our REMAX of Santa Clarita CA website.

A Brand within a Brand is equally important

When it comes to wanting to buy real estate, names are great, brokerages are great, but there comes a time when having your own "established and trusted" brand as a real estate agent trumps both of the aforementioned "great names and brokerages".

REMAX Relocation home search

With a "local Santa Clarita real estate brand", you are going to find something that stands for "more than" typical. Something that had been build on a solid foundation of blood - sweat and tears.

While I never cry :) - I remember our humble beginnings in real estate and there were some tear filled experiences. It was the "not knowing" and those in the business that were not willing to help a new agent on purpose.

Those "more experienced and crafty" realtors knew that if they helped the new agent, that had written the offer, they may as well just hang it up because it would have leveled the playing field - making the newer agent and the more experienced agent equal - at least for this transaction.

I know what you are thinking - so much to consider - I have to agree. That is why we don't operated on this principal. We help anyone out to best protect their and our client. We, at times, walk a fine line between representing our clients and assisting the agent that's on the other end, represeting theirs. However, to date, it has worked out and will continue to do so.

Relocation is not just a clever niche

Some real estate agents talk about real estate relocation because they are using it as a "niche" in their advertising and marketing. I would tell them "hog wash". Every realtor should make real estate relocaton part of their business.

They should be learning about the latest relocation scams to best protect their clients. They should start getting a team in place - a team of Relocaton Vendors that will best represent their relocation real estate clients.

At the end of the day, those agents that are "practicing relocation" cause more harm than good.

Look at the WWW - check on your city name, or the one you are going to be relocating to and type in Relocation after it. Look for the local real estate agents. Not the real estate syndication companies.

Examples are:

  • Santa Clarita Relocation
  • Valencia CA Relocation
  • Castaic Relocation
  • Los Angeles Relocation