We have just had our mobile search platform upgraded to allow for the Kindle Fire to be used when accessing the Santa Clarita property search modules.  We are excited to inform you that this system works well, I know this because I have tested it out on my Son's own Kindle Fire.

Not only has our mobile real estate search platform been made to be fully compatible with the iPhone, iPad and all Smartphones and tablets that are running the latest blackberry or Anrdoid Operating System, we have upgraded it to work on the Kindle Fire as well.

I was quite impressed when I first got my hands on the Kindle Fire.  It was light weight, the display held the richest in Blacks and Vibrant colors, and it was priced right.  I thought it was going to be a bit of a turn off for me because it was "centered" around Amazon.  However, it having been built by Amazon, it does not attract from the goodness of the mechanism, it's use-ability and functionality.

So hence why we had our Santa Clarita Mobile Search upgraded to allow for the Kindle Fire to access our systems in all of their Mobile Glory.

We will have more updates in the future - but below is a YouTube Video we put together with a walk through of using our Paris911.com mobile search platform.

Access is simple.  When you visit our Santa Clarita Mother Real Estate Website of Paris911.com, you will be given an option to search from a Mobile Optimized Search platform. When you choose Yes, and if you are visiting from a Mobile Device, a Smartphone - BlackBerry - iPhone - iPad - iPad2 - Tablets that are running Blackberry or Android OS, and now the Kindle Fire, you can search with the BEST real estate search engine.

Our Paris911 real estate systems allow Searching for all different types of real estate, making it exceedingly simple.  Our effective real estate search portals allow you to search without risk of running into Real Estate results that have been "staged to show the highest priced real estate only", "modified to show the worst or unobtainable listings ", "or those that are not active".