Local Santa Clarita map for real estateProbably not from real estate agents - but maybe.  There seems to be several variations of this verbiage floating around the www, in postcard form and via those digital Real Estate flyer services on the world wide web, etc.

I think it's an attempt at being "knighted or sainted" - and God bless those agents that are wanting to give back to their local communities.... (a note of sarcasm)

Wait a minute, what do you mean they are going to make money from a real estate seller wanting to "Cash out Fast..."???

Kind of reminds me of the days with the LAPD - some of those traffic collisions that I investigated had insurance fraud written all over them.  In fact, we took down quite a lot of those that were "staging collisions" via their "swoop and squat" method.

Sad to see, but the "swoop and squat" methods are still in full swing in what's left of this distressed real estate market.  Some investors are involved as are some real estate agents.

Be safe - make sure you are teamed up with professionals that are not "pressuring" you into doing something that sounds "too good to be true".

"The group of investors "enter agent name here" and his team work with are looking to acquire distressed properties. The purpose in doing this is to rehabilitate them, improve the neighborhood, and improve the real estate market. If you have a client, know a friend, have a colleague, know a relative... who needs to CASH OUT FAST from their current situation, .. please email us the scenario. We will have the situation underwritten and an answer back to you FAST if CASH OUT is approved. Dump. Disaster. Don't worry... Cash investors are on stand-by. Homeowners can qualify with-in 48 hours and close with-in 7 days."

Both Paris and I have options as to which company we choose to work with.  We decided on one that offered our clients a Global Advantage.

Be safe and check out an article that was written about REMAX of Santa Clarita CA - Saugus real estate and our global approach to seller and buyer representation...