Meet with the Santa Clarita home expert - Connor

Meet with the Santa Clarita Home ExpertsThis is where the rubber meets the road. When you are ready to talk about getting prepared for real estate, to buy or sell a home, condo or townhome - anything related to real estate I can save you time and money.

It's free and without obligation. If you don't like me then we don't have to work together. But my past experiences with clients and the in-office meetings that help buyers and sellers coordinate their thoughts have put me on the map and in the top realm amongst the BEST Realtors in the Santa Clarita Valley.

In our Santa Clarita home experts meeting, we cover many things and each is not done with me talking. While I may love to hear myself talk there is something more important as my dear old dad taught me, what you have to say.

I'm a listener and respond to your inquiries and questions.

We work together, me and whomever you bring with you, to develop a list of goals and decide on the best ways to achieve them for your best benefit.

Some of the items that we will discuss at length, depending on my client's needs are:

  • Lenders and Lending - how to get your very best deal
  • Why my representation and consultations services for home buyers are FREE
  • Who you pay when buying a home and how to obtain discounts on their fee's
  • What neighborhoods will cater to each buyer's needs appropriately
  • What to look for in a home from the perspective of future equity building
  • New homes and how I negotiate and obtain extra incentives and discounts for my new home buyers
  • Why Zillow, Trulia, and Redfin are not the Santa Clarita home experts
  • Multiple offer strategies
  • Love Letter preparation
  • Foreclosures / bank owned / real estate owned opportunities
  • Future development impacting homeownership and more

There are a lot of ways in which our meeting saves you time and of course money.

The time saver tips are you are not going to have to do anything but let me find you the perfect home after our meeting.

All of your questions will be answered and those which need to be verified with documented facts will be given very earnestly to you by me.

When you are ready, just get on my calendar today. Most of my meetings are held at my Santa Clarita Home Expert offices at 25129 The Old Road, Suite 114, Santa Clarita CA, 91381

If you are new or unsure of where our offices are located here are some driving directions to my Santa Clarita home expert offices.

If you are heading out to meet with me and if you are coming from the San Fernando Valley and have access to the 170 Freeway, the 5 Freeway or the 405 Freeway, you are only 15 minutes or so away depending on your location and traffic.

Tak any of those freeways north until they all merge at some point with the 5 freeway. If you are on the 5 freeway, continue on that freeway until you get past the 14 freeway interchange.

This is a large freeway interchange, just stay to your left or if you are more than 1 in your car, feel free to use the carpool lane.

After you pass the 14 freeway you will see the first exit, as you head over the hill (about 5 miles). 

That will be Calgrove Blvd. If you exit Calgrove, stay in your left lane on the offramp and turn left after you make a complete stop at the stop sign. CHP and Sheriff's love to hide to the left, out of sight, and write tickets to people to fail to come to a complete stop at the northbound offramp on the 5 freeway and the Calgrove offramp. So be careful and make a complete stop.

Once you turn left, set up in your right-hand lane to turn right at the first tri light signal you come to. It will only be about three football fields from the off-ramp at Calgrove. Turn right on The Old Road.

You will then drive past the Mattress Store, a large white two-story building and a Cal Trans maintenance yard on your left.

Slow down and before the hotels, you will see a three-story red brick building, I'm in that building on the 1st floor.

If you are standing in front of the building and call the side you are facing the number 1 side, then number the other sides in clockwise format for a total of 4 sides. I'm at the 4/1 corner of the building. Just enter and walk to the first hallway that goes right, walk to the end and you will see the REMAX offices. If we have an "after business" hours appointment, then I will arrange to let you in another way.

If you are coming to see me during business hours then the receptionist will direct you to my office or she will call me to come to get you.

When you are ready I'll be here. Like I have said before, meeting with me for FREE and without obligation is your first best stop when you are ready to take your real estate goals seriously.

If you are a Santa Clarita home buyer or a Santa Clarita home seller call me and we will set up a private and confidential meeting together.