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Solar energy in the Santa Clarita Valley real estate world, is it a great deal, or can it cause a Santa Clarita Home Buyer problems.

Welcome to our 186th Santa Clarita real estate radio show this year where we are going to explore this question regarding buying real estate, new or re-sale, with solar having been installed

Happy day after July 4th and we will talk with you tomorrow.

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Review the local Santa Clarita real estate team of agents.  You may think that the review websites have it all together, but if you do, you may be mistaken.

There are some site that real estate agent can pay for "top reviews".  There are other sites where the real estate agents can "sponsor" themselves or their brand to get placed on the tops of every single search related to their service.

I, for one, am not a fan of those types of "real estate review" websites.

In fact, some of those sites allow entries to be placed, without any verification process with the agents and their real estate reviews.

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I'm in disagreement - that's why I built the site.