Buying a real estate listing happens every single day in our Santa Clarita valley.

How Agents Buy Listings

Some will be thinking, that are reading this, "what is the problem, isn't that what is supposed to happen?"

Absolutely, home sellers in the Santa Clarita Valley are supposed to be able to sell their homes, condo's and town-homes.

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However, when I am speaking about buying a listing - I'm not talking about selling real estate. I'm talking about hiring a real estate agents.

They tell you what you want to hear. They give you a number you cannot refuse. The say your home is worth much more than it is to get you to list your home with them. (mislead, deception, dishonesty...)

Pre Foreclosures in Real Estate

NOD's - the New Foreclosures. Some are going to go the route of foreclosure, some will not.

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There are many homes that will be saved and the "pre foreclosure/NOD (Notice of Default)" filing was to fulfill a process. A process that is required by the bank or banks that are not getting paid.

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Most of the time, or I should say some of the time, the NOD is filed during a "workout" strategy that has been agreed upon between the bank and homeowner.

However, when agents talk about the NOD lists and talk about the pre foreclosures, they don't inform you of this - and you think you are about to hook up with a sure thing. Sometimes, it could be further from the truth.

REMAX Relocation

Wanting to relocate from Location A to Location B. You have your own Human Relations Department (HR), that is going to pave the way. However, you happen to be a sort of a hands on person with relation to getting things done. Heck, your not a CEO/CFO because you "lucked into" it.

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