Turning over rocks...Searching for Santa Clarita real estate out of the box

It makes sense, look elsewhere if what you are looking for does not exist.  Or if it's not for sale at the present time.

We have developed something to assist our Santa Clarita real estate buyers with these "constrictive" times with regard to Santa Clarita real estate inventory.  It's Called our One Party Show, and you can read about.

"off market" real estate inventory

Buyers often go beyond Santa Clarita Valley  listings to find a home. Our local SCV Real estate news is revealing shrinking inventories of homes around our cities and the nation, which leaves many would-be buyers feeling as if they have to make sacrifices and accept buying a home that they are not crazy about.

Other SCV buyers are getting creative, locating a home they want and making an offer, regardless of whether or not the home is actually for sale.

We have broken into the "off market" and "one party showing" presentations.  We also want buyers to know the MLS based inventory is not their last stop.  There are other options as well, it just depends on the creativity of the Santa Clarita real estate team you are working with.

Interest Rates are Still Low...

The biggest hurdle facing buyers today is the fact that they do not want to miss the boat on low(er) rates. At the same time, buying a Santa Clarita Valley home for the sake of getting low rates simply does not make sense.

If Santa Clarita inventory is low in an area and an acceptable home is tough to find then buyers have three choices: to be patient and wait for an acceptable home to come on the market; to buy a home that doesn’t quite fit the bill, or to search for the ideal home that is not currently listed.

Local Realtors Run Real Estate

The best plan of attack is to contact your Santa Clarita Valley REALTOR. Sit down and discuss with him/her what your ideal home would be, where it would be located and what your criteria are. An experienced and knowledgeable SCV REALTOR can navigate your local market, utilize existing contacts and negotiate on your behalf. Patience and education will make the home buying process easier.