We have broken the mold when it comes to advertising real estate that we are selling for our sellers. We have also taken real estate advertising to a whole different level.

At the end of the day it is about the sellers getting what they want when it comes to selling their homes. That usually equates to selling their home for the most profit. Or selling their home while being well protected, as in the case of a short sale.

In order to function with our real estate team in the Santa Clarita Valley we had to adjust technologically. We needed to move toward the NOW and embrace the internet. We also developed a goal set that has no comparison in our industry. We picture the home listing and sales process as if there were no one else to sell a sellers real estate listing. As if my team were the only ones responsible for securing the home buyer.

Our sellers agree, then they do any Binging or Googling, they see their home above all others that could be deemed as their competition. They also see our Paris911 Brand within the Global BRAND of REMAX of Santa Clarita. BTW - that is where over 18,200 home buyers are searching each and every month.

There are those Santa Clarita Selling agents that advertise via post card. You may have been the recipient of such postcards. One of our clients received three in the very same day, they were all identical in size and message. They were exactly the same postcard. How can this be? It must have been an issue with the mailing company? Maybe this was intended. All I know is that whether it was intended or a result of the mailing companies fault, No one deserves that kind of interruption marketing. In fact, the owner of the home, where this mailing took place, called us to list their home.

When it comes to real estate, please hire professionals. Please get sage advice when it comes to advertising and marketing. Also - if you have a real estate agent that is this "caring" when it comes photographs and their web optimization - you have found a keeper.

There are some things you may want to look at before calling listing agent number 1. First, get where your home's value is today. You can find this information by heading over to our main website and looking at our Pricing pages for Santa Clarita real estate by city. You can restrict the search further by hitting us up to do the recon on a specific neighborhood within the Santa Clarita Valley. We can built a "sold only" search portal so you can have access to watch what other homes have been selling for in you neck of the woods.

After you gather all of the data. Move along to the interview stage with the various agents that exist in your particular real estate market. Look at the questions to ask a real estate listing agent