Valencia real estate agentsToday is going to be fun.  It is the day, once every two weeks, that we go to Costco.  It will be like a reunion of sorts, because we usually see those we have not seen for a while.

There will be laughter, conversation, maybe some collaboration and of course the sadness when we exit the store after buying more than we wanted or needed :)

The real estate update today, for the Santa Clarita Valley cities, is going to be all about the Open Houses that are being held in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities. The open houses and the way's in which to find them.

We have opened up our Santa Clarita Open Houses website in order to answer these questions about the local Open Houses and those being held in the other Southern California cities.

First things first, I want to answer the question of where we are getting the "data from".  The Open House data, where is our Santa Clarita Open Houses website gathering that data from?

We are Full members in good Standing with the California Association of Realtors, the National Association of Realtors and the local Southland Regional Association of Realtors.  We are fully licensed Realtors with the State of California.  Our Broker is also licensed with the state of California and carries the same memberships in good standing as does our Paris911 Team.

All of those requirements have to be fulfilled if a real estate agent or website is to place the "actual and real" listings on their websites.  There also have to be signed agreements between the parties mentioned.  No games, with a police mechanism in place that could cause anyone wanting to "manipulate" the data to not be licensed as a Realtor any longer, fined or jailed.

That is where you want to start you search for real estate, on a site such as this.  You can also let us know when you want us to start your hunt for real estate and we can set you up with our real estate alerts for any of the cities in Southern California.

That happens by you texting the word "alerts" to the number of 661-888-4424.  The link you will be sent will contain a place for you to enter your email address and the city or cities of preference.

Be safe, search well and enjoy the show which I have embedded in the middle of this post!