ATTENTION:  When considering any new housing - make sure you take your Realtor with you when you decide to view.  If you don't take them they cannot represent you.

Why do you need a Santa Clarita Realtor at new housing?  Because a simple California Real Estate transaction takes in excess of 37 Legal and

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Contractual Disclosures.  Each one arose out of a Law-Suit of some kind over the years.  Buying homes, new or used, in California is no where as easy as it is in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma?  We sold a retired motor cop's home in Agua Dulce - during the transaction with an home in Oklahoma (concurrent close), we found out that there were only three pieces of paper that needed signing to convey and transfer ownership on the Oklahoma End.  (per the other agent).

It is hard for me to believe 3 - but if I were buying a new home in Oklahoma, I probably would not worry about having my very own representative.

If memory serves - 1 out of 3 people in California are Attorney's.  Just make sure you don't sign anything when visiting and to take your Realtor with you.  Have them show you all of the housing tracts in the Santa Clarita Valley.